Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aarti Paarti Ep. 17: Giddy-up Steak, the Movie

The Giddy-up Steak was big hit on this blog earlier this year. I still remember the ecstatic comments I got from Mandi and Ross about it -- they made my day!

So, having garnered some new friends through the cooking show (welcome!), I thought I'd make it on tee-vee.

Grilling season is upon us, the 4th of July is close at hand, and heck, I think I was feeling a little anemic. Plus, I had two Prime flank steaks sitting in the freezer, courtesy of my friend Larry, a longtime meat-business man, who having tried the recipe, loved it enough to award me with said steaks after church. Ain't he grand?!!

This might be one of my favorite episodes so far -- mostly because I get to play a bad-ass and face off with my friend Karen. Plus Dole gets from free product-placement.

I mentioned the Parsnip Chips at the end of the show -- if you've never tried parsnips, I highly encourage you to do so. I had no idea they were so sweet! Recipes for the steak, compote and 'snip chips are here.

Let me know what you think!




Genie said...

This one is my favorite so far :)

Brenda Dumas said...

Looks yummy and was fun to watch you cook!
Gotta love the banana shoot out!!

aartilla the fun said...

thanks ladies! hi brenda!!!

Rosesq said...

Yummy, can't wait for you to make it for us, so I can have it in my tummy:)

soon, soon, soon.

mandi said...

doooood! that was totally classic. I would like to also re-state for the record how yummy this meal was!

Vivian said...

Yummy! Thank you Aarti, for providing me with the perfect Father's Day dinner for my dear sweet baby-daddy. He (we) loved it! As a former vegetarian I was nervous to make steak, but it was easy! No parsnips at Ralph's so I skipped that. The caramelized onions didn't turn brown - more golden, I'd say - until I added the vinegar. But boy are they yummy! I have plenty of bread and cheese in the fridge so guess what's for lunch tomorrow? This is the first Aarti recipe I've tried (though I've had good intentions with others) and it was a hit! Love your show, keep it up! :-)

C said...

Hi Aarti,

You know The Food Network is looking for the Next Food Network Star. I think you should give a try. I love watching your cooking videos!

aartilla the fun said...

thanks mandi and vivian! viv, i am so flattered on so many counts that you tried to make this one -- first 'cos you're a reformed vegetarian, and also for the baby daddy! =blush=

c -- thankyou! i'm kinda scared of being on that show. i don't know if i could take the pressure. eeeks! but i guess i should be doing the very things that i'm scared of, right?

Lonely Foodie said...

I found your blog yesterday after following D.Lebovitz's link from Facebook. Hallelujah! I read your entire archives and loved it. Know that you know have one more committed reader. :)
I just watched the first video (which is your last video) and I'm completely smitten. I think I will have to make flank stead on the grill and impress the *heck* outta my friends.

Thanks for the grrrreeat site!

aartilla the fun said...

lonely foodie! i am doing cartwheels! what a wonderful comment! i am so happy that you like what you see here. i'm editing the new episode of Aarti Paarti as we speak! thankyou thankyou!

tell me -- what did d. lebovitz link to? the goodbite stuff?

Lonely Foodie said...

Yup! :)

Eric2 said...

This looks great. I think we'll try this!

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