Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Good Bite episode




Staci McQueen said...

I was so xcited to see Aarti today! wow you are smooth in front of the camera! (just made this ystday but with cabbage and canelli beans.) any chance we'll still get the quirky and orginally entertaining Aarti episodes from your adorable kitchen with your bevy of beauties? or are you all 'Good Bite' now?

Lonely Foodie said...

Hurrah! What a great episode. It's all coming together isn't it?

I hope your back is feeling better soon...I throw mine out about every two years, so I feel (literally) your pain.

aartilla the fun said...

hey guys! thanks so much for commenting! staci -- you are so sweet. i'm still doing my aarti paarti stuff FOR SURE! i'm actually editing the new episode as we speak, and i'm quite in love with it actually. hahahaha! you can always check 'em out at youtube.com/aartipaarti or there should be a cascade of videos thumbnailed on the right hand side.

l-foodie! would you believe that my back is feeling MUCH MUCH better and didn't even twinge for a second all day shooting?! it's amazing! thankyou for thinking of me. :)

elizabeth said...

you look gorgeous!

aartilla the fun said...

thankyou! nice to hear from you!

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