Monday, June 29, 2009

The Case of the Smelly Towel

Scene: Me getting out of the shower. Bren brings me a towel from the other room. I take a sniff, make a face and immediately yelp at Bren.

A: Baba! Gross!

B: What?

A: Is this the same towel that you wrapped around your sweaty, stinky, post-Krav Maga body the other day, when you sat in front of the computer for an hour, and then still used it again and put it back in the rotation?!

B: What?

A: Smell it! It's disgusting baba!

B: (sniffing towel and walking out the bathroom. Mumbles to himself) Smells like wet dog...

A: (looks at herself in the mirror, making a face that says "exactly")

B: (enters bathroom again with a massive white towel) Here. This is the best one. Just for you.



A: Did you get this towel out of the hamper?

B: What? Yeah...

A: What the... is this the same towel that we used on our camping trip last weekend? The one I used after swimming in the river?

B: What? When did I become the towel historian?

Why is "towel historian" SO FUNNY?




mrnitpicky said...

Aarti - I'm sorry, I know this is not the right place to do this, but it's the only way this old fart could figure out how to holler at you. I just read your blog from beginning to end and found it interesting, fun, uplifting and sometimes sad. I went to the Playing for Change website and watched Chanda Mama. I love it, but could you please post a translation somewhere? I know Chanda Mama is moon uncle, but that's all I could find on Google.



aartilla the fun said...

hey grant! wow thankyou so much for reading the whole thing. i'm glad that you found parts of it sad... (insert tough hiphopper voice here) 'cos i'm tryin to keep it real!


i will try to find a translation but to be honest, i don't completely understand it... i'll have to ask my mum!


Rosesq said...

Sorry Mum does not speak Tamil as yet. The only guy I thought would help me with the translation has not responded as yet. Will see.

Oh I just thought of someone else I can ask for help.

Will let you know when I get a response from my Tamil speaking friends.

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