Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adding appendages

So, after moaning about being uninspired, Kuv suggested I answer this question:

I have a question for your next blog post... if you had to choose between having an extra toe or an extra finger, which would you choose??"


I didn't think I could answer it. But then the answer dawned on me: an extra finger, all the better to play the uke with!


What about you guys?

And Kuv, I have a question for you. Which would you choose: a wallet that you could hold onto for a year, which produces as much money as you need in that moment, OR the life-long ability to fly?



bodaat said...

yey!!! you answered it!! i actually started writing my own response but realized that i didn't know which one to pick!

and your question is gooooood...i'm going to have to think about it!

bodaat said...

i responded on my blog!!

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