Monday, June 1, 2009

Are you there? It's me, Aarti

I'll be honest, peeps.

I've been a bit conflicted about this blog.

There. I said it. While I had previously taken heaps of joy in writing, the past month or so has been, well, how do I say it... difficult. I have a hard time thinking of things to write about. I find the Blogger photo-upload system insufferable. Everyone else's blog seems oh so much more interesting, especially my sister's, which I can't stop reading!!

I'm not sure what's behind it. Perhaps the shiny new-ness of the cooking show is occupying my creativity? I'm not sure.

Also, in the spirit of honesty, I think I'm discouraged. I've had no idea if anyone is actually reading this thing (apart from the loyal commenters, Laura and Patty Jean!). I know I shouldn't be writing FOR comments, that I should just be writing for myself, but unless you write one of these things, you can't know how important, how encouraging the comment section is. And since I haven't been getting any, I've been... sigh... discouraged.

Ah honesty. I thought purging my conscience would help. But. I don't know. I need to write something more interesting.


Maybe tomorrow.




KPurg said...

sometimes a new layout or font helps your mind to recharge/freshen up. and yes it should always be for you. pretty sure no one reads my personal blog but i know peeps love the picture one! :) (which i've been bad about keeping up, boo).

well, good luck!

aartilla the fun said...

that's a great idea kat. i am actually working on a whole new website (!) at the moment. not up yet, so i suppose that's taking up my energies too. hmmmm.

i didn't even know you had a personal blog!

Amy The Writer said...

I'm here! I read! I suck at commenting, but I swear I read you and think you're awesome! :)

Rosesq said...

Hey I am offended!! Both Dad and I are faithful and ardent followers of your and Kuv's Blog, even though we might not always comment. We are ever so proud of your blog and Kuv's as well.


bodaat said...

Umm hello? Please don't give up your blog! I check it EVERY DAY. Also, my friend Michelle, Kelly, Jan and Maria check it too. I agree with your friend - change up your layout and font. I use the blog secrets on to give mine a make-over now and then. I swear it helps. Maybe you can use one of those websites that generates interesting questions to get you to write. Also - if you would like more comments, go out and find more blogging buddies! Find somebody's blog, follow them and comment! Then they'll start taking interest in your blog. And lastly - I have a question for your next blog post... if you had to choose between having an extra toe or an extra finger, which would you choose??

shinfain said...

thanks guys. :)

JAMIE said...

Love love love love love to read your thoughts. Love your cooking show. Love you!

aartilla the fun said...


Patty Jean said...

I feel the same way! What am I writing that isn't good enough to comment on? Do I really have any people reading it? Are people even finding it informative or entertaining? I have no idea.

I'm going to check out that cutestblogontheblock site!

When you start up your new site, I will be connecting to you!

Oh, and... don't you feel the love?

aartilla the fun said...

yes i do!

and patty jean, and laura actually -- i read your blogs all the time. you're in my google reader, as are the rest of you. so easy to keep track that way! but alas, i am guilty of the same thing -- i don't always comment. sorry guys. i'll be better.

Maria said...

When I actually get a moments peace to sit down with a coffee and look at the blogs I read yours is always on my list!

aartilla the fun said...

:) thankyou maria!!

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