Sunday, February 15, 2009

Things that make me go, "YIPPEEEEE!"

Just received a most awesome comment on this week's recipe (Giddyup Steak with Yee-Haw compote and Parsnip Chips) from Ross, the boyfriend of my dear friend Mandi. My inner child is doing cartwheels, which is to say that she is throwing herself on the ground unsuccessfully but very, very joyfully.

"secretagentmartens said...

mandi & i made this incredible dish last night and let me tell you, it was bleepin' incredible. INCREDIBLE! Parsnip chips are better than french fries, and i LOVE fries. OMG U R da best. <3"

I believe you are mistaken, sir. You and your lady are the best. Thank you for trying it out and letting me know how it turned out. That's the greatest reward and motivation to keep me going on this adventure!



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