Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another Good Bite episode



Back that Thing Up

Ok, this is just weird.

For the second time, my back has ceased up the day before my Good Bite shoot.

Isn't that bizarre?

The first time it happened, a month or so ago, I got really freaked out. It was the day before the shoot, and I had a day of shopping and prep ahead of me. (Warning: slightly graphic, decidedly un-feminine detail approaching in 3... 2... 1...) I got up off the toilet after peeing (agh! There it was!!) and my back froze in excruciating pain. There I was, semi-crouched over the pot, knickers around my ankles, tears starting to collect on the rims of my eyes... now I understood why they use the term "ceasing". You have to stop. You can't do anything. It's as if your back has gone on strike. Painfully.

"WHAT?" I thought. "This has never happened to me in my entire life! Why TODAY?!"

The pain subsided enough for me to straighten up, but I was still spooked, and of course like the big girl that I am, I ran crying to my husby. I know. What a liberated female I am. Go ahead, roll your eyes. I can see you from here!

Anyway, being the wise and brilliant husband that he is, Bren quickly pointed out that it was probably a product of too much stressing over the shoot, and that I needed to stop fretting over finding the perfect dish towels and pot holders, and instead trust that God had it taken care of, that my personality was going to be more than enough for viewers to connect to -- not my pot holders. (I did get the pot holders though. They were gorgeous!).

After he prayed over my back, I proceeded with my day, and actually, despite being on my feet all day and still in pain, I was so very cheerful all day, smiling at strangers and all the rest of it.

Hit pause for a second. To steal a phrase from the guest pastor, Don Williams, at our Sunday gathering this week: "Now, catch this!" (I love that hippy surfer drawl!)

The fact that I was cheerful and still able to function is a miracle. A MIRACLE, people! That's because I am such a wuss that even the slightest bit of pain ruins my mood for the entire day, sort of in that "woe is me" kinda way. And poor you if you happen to cross my path. Hahahahahha! Holla if ya hear me!

And now again, the day before another Good Bite shoot (yippee!), my back has ceased up again.

Not nearly as badly, but enough to remind me to calm down. I had just been on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor Cinderella-style, whilst simultaneously salvaging a cast iron pan we found out on the Playa at Burning Man, when UGH! There it was.

And yet again, I am taking it as a reminder that I am fretting about the details too much, because I am lacking faith... lacking faith in my abilities, lacking faith in the fact that God has already taken care of tomorrow, lacking faith all over the place! And that's manifesting in my doing all kinds of unnecessary chores. I will often do a ton of stuff when I'm afraid, especially cleaning. The metaphor is so obvious, I feel trite: take something messy/dirty/chaotic and make it neat/clean/ordered... and it all operates out of fear.

Funnily enough, this morning, I let the Bible fall open because I have lost my place in the reading guide I was doing, and this little verse jumped out at me:

"Ignoring what they said, Jesus told the synagogue ruler, "Don't be afraid; just believe."
Mark 5:36

I guess I hadn't absorbed that message enough. And so, my back has ceased up. But this time, I am taking the cue; I'm sitting down, sipping a little wine, and trusting that His hand is over the next day. And thus, I have a massive smile on the face of my heart.



Monday, June 29, 2009

The Case of the Smelly Towel

Scene: Me getting out of the shower. Bren brings me a towel from the other room. I take a sniff, make a face and immediately yelp at Bren.

A: Baba! Gross!

B: What?

A: Is this the same towel that you wrapped around your sweaty, stinky, post-Krav Maga body the other day, when you sat in front of the computer for an hour, and then still used it again and put it back in the rotation?!

B: What?

A: Smell it! It's disgusting baba!

B: (sniffing towel and walking out the bathroom. Mumbles to himself) Smells like wet dog...

A: (looks at herself in the mirror, making a face that says "exactly")

B: (enters bathroom again with a massive white towel) Here. This is the best one. Just for you.



A: Did you get this towel out of the hamper?

B: What? Yeah...

A: What the... is this the same towel that we used on our camping trip last weekend? The one I used after swimming in the river?

B: What? When did I become the towel historian?

Why is "towel historian" SO FUNNY?



Friday, June 26, 2009

Long live the King?

Like you, I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around the fact that Mr. Jackson (if you're nasty?) is dead. I know, I know, he may or may not have done some awful things in his life, but since I'll never know the truth, I'm just going to withhold judgment. That's between him and the Maker now.

Anyway, back to the more important matter at hand: me! Clicheed as it may sound, his music really was the soundtrack to my childhood, heck my life until he seemed to drop off the music-making planet.

But it wasn't the MJ you're thinking of. When I was little, living in Dubai, cassette tapes were REALLY cheap, due to the fact that they were pirated. An album would set you back about 7 dirhams, about a buck-fifty. SADLY, on the day I went to Thompson Music to buy my copy of "Bad," they were sold out, and only had, wait for it... wait for it... the Chipmunks version.

Hence, my memories of Beat it and Billie Jean are in an ever higher register than Mr. Jackson could ever have hoped to achieve. Still great though. I managed to find a version here. Take a listen. And may he rest in peace.



Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aarti Paarti Ep. 18: Camping Food!

This little Indian girl hasn't camped all that often in her life.

Hence my slight trepidation when invited to accompany our friends, the band Helios Jive, to the Elysium Festival just outside San Diego this past weekend. My husby, Bren, is one of their dancers. You probably recognize a few of the members from the Fava Bean Pillows episode of Aarti Paarti.

The plan was to camp out overnight, perform, and then enjoy the gorgeous scenery on the Indian reservation where the festival was held.

And of course, bringing a camera, we shot Aarti Paarti there! I made something easy-peasy, 'cos (a) even simple things taste better when you're surrounded by God's playground and (b) who wants to make something complicated when there's inner-tubing to be done? Or walking on stilts?! Yeah, STILTS!

I'm so glad that I went. It was gorgeous -- rejuventating to the soul, even. We ended up swimming in the creek for about an hour after shooting the show, sliding down the flat rocks, pushed by the strong yet gentle current that said "I'll play with you, but don't mess around. I can MESS YOU UP!". That creek was so playful, it had a personality of its own!

Tacos for the Great Outdoors

Soy Chorizo Tacos with Black Beans, Avocado, Cilantro and Lime

3 spring onions, chopped
1 tube soy chorizo, casing removed
1 15oz can black beans, drained
1 lime
Handful cilantro, chopped or torn into little pieces
Coupla radishes, sliced thin
1 avocado, chopped into little pieces
Corn tortillas

1) Heat some oil in a big wok or skillet, until shimmering. Add spring onions. Saute a few minutes until softened.

2) Add chorizo, toss and cook until warmed through and even a little bit crispy. Add black beans. Toss and cook until warmed through. Turn heat off. Squeeze lime over mixture, add cilantro.

3) Warm tortillas over open flame or in a small skillet. Spoon a little mixture into the middle of the tortilla, sprinkle with avocado and a couple pieces of radish. Eat and enjoy!



Tuesday, June 23, 2009


A little while ago, I mentioned that I was involved in a super-secret project.

It's secret no more!

It's called GoodBite -- a cool channel for those of us who love food, but aren't fussy about it. If your weekly blog roll includes the likes of Smitten Kitchen, Simply Recipes, Gluten-free Girl or Steamy Kitchen (just to name a few), you'll be able to see these people in the flesh, talking together about their favorite recipes and tips. AND, as if that wasn't cool enough, you can see me making some of their recipes! Yup! It's true! Plus, I get to make one of my own in the "Lazy Dinner" episode -- I made Hot Dogs a la Rose.

There are a lot of great recipes and videos on here: watermelon and feta skewers, chickpea-spinach stirfry (an awesome quick, easy and nutritious idea from Gluten-Free Girl), chicken paillard with avocado salsa... yum!

So check it out and spread the word! Thanks to my friends at Deca TV for recruiting me and being so easy to work with... and bringing my dreams of TV-cookdom to life! Woohoo!



Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Aarti Paarti Ep. 17: Giddy-up Steak, the Movie

The Giddy-up Steak was big hit on this blog earlier this year. I still remember the ecstatic comments I got from Mandi and Ross about it -- they made my day!

So, having garnered some new friends through the cooking show (welcome!), I thought I'd make it on tee-vee.

Grilling season is upon us, the 4th of July is close at hand, and heck, I think I was feeling a little anemic. Plus, I had two Prime flank steaks sitting in the freezer, courtesy of my friend Larry, a longtime meat-business man, who having tried the recipe, loved it enough to award me with said steaks after church. Ain't he grand?!!

This might be one of my favorite episodes so far -- mostly because I get to play a bad-ass and face off with my friend Karen. Plus Dole gets from free product-placement.

I mentioned the Parsnip Chips at the end of the show -- if you've never tried parsnips, I highly encourage you to do so. I had no idea they were so sweet! Recipes for the steak, compote and 'snip chips are here.

Let me know what you think!



Tuesday, June 16, 2009

He Loves Me...

From just a minute ago.

Me: "You love me!"

Bren: "Don't start rumours."


Bren: [laughs]


Me: "Why?"

Bren: "Why what?"

Me: "WHY do you love me? Say something nice about me."

Bren: "Because... you're lovable."

Me: "WHAT? That sucks. Say something else."

Bren: "Because [sticking finger up] you're silly, [sticking two fingers up] you're pretty aaaaaaand..."

Me: [waiting with bated breath]

Bren: "You're... helpful."

I don't know why that is so funny, but I laughed so hard. One of those is not like the others. :)



Who do you love?

I'm reading John Piper's Pleasures of God... but not without being a cliche and literally judging the book by its cover. I looked its generic nature scene and decided, eh, that book is not going to to be for me.

But then Bren read it, and couldn't stop talking about how it good it is, and was walking around all joyful and annoying.


So, now I'm reading it. And by reading, I mean, I read the introduction yesterday.

But what I've read so far is wonderful, a gentle reminder that God loves being God, and delights in doing good things for us. Phew!

I love the quote that inspired the whole book, so I'm sharing it with you!

"The worth and excellency of a soul is to be measured by the object of its love." - Henry Sougal

Ponder that for a bit, while I edit the next episode of Aarti Paarti.



Friday, June 12, 2009

"Fresh and Fancy-Free" Mint Chutney!

As promised, here's the recipe for mint chutney, a fetching bright green condiment that just yells out, "Eat me! I'm fresh and fancy-free!"

It does. Really! Make it and see! And no wonder. This is the chutney that accompanies those special afternoon snacks: the samosas, the pakoras, anything deep-fried basically! And when you're in the mood to eat some of those piping hot babies, you have no choice but to feel happy. Fancy-free even.

I grew up eating a version that included fresh coconut -- we ladled spoonfuls over hot, fluffy sannas, a steamed
rice-flour cake that's popular in the south of India. MAN, those are good! One of these days, I'm going to have to try to make them.

Hmmm... (cue wheels in my head spinning and Bren wondering why I'm having to buy MORE kitchen equipment in a kitchen the size of an elf's closet).

Here in the States, I'll often find a small plastic thimble of mint chutney alongside a warm samosa, leaching grease into the paper bag from the local Indian shoppe. You probably do too, right? That version doesn't have any coconut in it though. And I like it just as much. I suggested that this mint chutney would go well with the Sweet (Potato) Cakes I made on the last episode of Aarti Paarti. I think it would go equally well with pot stickers, grilled chicken... oh and especially well with some citrus-y grilled beef. Oooh that sounds gooooood! Kinda like an Indian chimichurri sauce, right?

Actually, it occured to me that this isn't necessarily a chutney... it's more of a pesto. But closer to the chimichurri than the pesto. WHY is this called a chutney I wonder? Hmmmm.

Anyway, I added a little extra flavour to this version: a black mustard seed-infused oil, just to round out all the herby and citrusy high notes of mint, cilantro, green chili and lime juice. It makes a lovely accompaniment to the ready-made samosas I got from Trader Joes, and it comes together in literally seconds. Enjoy!

"Fresh and Fancy-Free" Mint Chutney
Mint-cilantro-lime saucey-thing with mustard-seed infused oil

You'll need this stuff:

1 cup mint leaves
1/2 cup cilantro leaves and soft stems
1 tbsp fresh ginger, chopped
Juice of 1/2 lime (more, if you like it limey!)
Enough water to make a sauce, about 1/4 cup
Salt and pepper

1 tbsp vegetable oil/olive oil
1 tsp black mustard seeds

1) In a food processor, whiz together mint, cilantro, ginger, lime juice and water until it all comes together as a sauce. There'll probably still be little bits of leaf in there, but I like how those taste, so no worries. Pour chutney into a bowl.

2) In a small pan, over medium heat, warm oil until it shimmers. Add mustard seeds -- they should sizzle. Immediately cover with lid, until they stop spluttering. Make sure they don't burn! If they do, start over. No big deal. I do it all the time! Immediately add the seeds and oil to the chutney. It will sizzle so stand back. Once you've poured all the oil in, you can even spoon a little chutney into the pan (cue sizzling again!) so that you pick up all that lovely oil. Serve! Get fresh!



Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cupcake Envy

Laura asked me to make some chocolatey-choco-chocolate cupcakes for her husband Frank's birthday today. Happy birthday Frank! And thankyou Laura for the order!

I think they turned out pretty well, don't you?

I think these were my most perfect batch yet: each cupcake came out pretty much the same size, and rose beautifully. I've had issues with some of them falling flat, while others came out mysteriously slanted. I've now realised that is due to my trusty cupcake tin getting dinged on the move from NY to LA. Damn you UPS!

I've actually never made a chocolate buttercream frosting before, and while I ended up using a simple butter-powdered sugar-melted chocolate recipe from trusty ol' Cooks Illustrated (thanks Kuv! Yup, I'm still using your login!! hahahahahaaaa!), my next adventure in chocolate frosting is probably going to involve some sour cream. Having poured over Chowhound message boards looking for the perfect recipe, and finding posting after posting about the depth of flavour sour cream adds, I'm intrigued. I can't imagine what that tang would do to the old tastebud, especially since it's already freaking out over the insanely-good chocolate I use (Mum & Dad & Crish -- don't worry, I'm totally making these for you when you come).

The LA Times wrote last week about how the cupcake craze is still in full effect here in LA.


Why? Well, because that means the pure joy of turning out cupcakes, that sweet slightly kitschy product of what I imagine as a gingham-apron'ed mum back in the 50s... has become somewhat of a sweat-inducing business. I look at mine, I feel happy, even a swell of pride. Then I see a photo of Sprinkles' smooth beauties -- we drove past the shop on Saturday and there was STILL a line of folks down the block, each of them just waiting to spend THREE DOLLARS for a cupcake. But, even though they look astonishingly like boobs, I can't help but like the look of them better than the look of mine. And then, and then... gasp... today, I brought a batch to the yoga studio where I was running the desk, and a woman looked at them and said, "oh look how homemade those look."

I shake my frosting-splattered fist at you Sprinkles!

But, as my friend Karen likes to remind me, I need to stop comparing. Just end it. Right. Now.

(Deep breath)



Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Aarti Paarti Ep. 16: Sweet (Potato) Cakes

Don't be fooled by the sweet potato's demure exterior.

Beneath that dull brown skin lies a passionately orange flesh, chock-a-block with vitamin C, and sweet to boot! But, lest you be seduced by their sweetness, beware: these tubers are quick to anger, with a mouth like a sailor.

Don't believe me? Check it...

There are so many good things about this recipe. I can think of 4 right off the top of my head!

1) Deeeee-licious!
Warm, crispy, fluffy, sweet and savory, with very little fat, so they'll leave your waistline in peace. Phew.

2) Soooo flexible!
Serve them with a salad, and it's a quick lunch or dinner.
Want a fancy-pants breakfast? How about a sweet potato eggs benedict? With my easy-peasy poached egg technique, your days of boring ol' oatmeal are over.
Need an appetizer to accompany your cocktails as you and your friends watch So You Think You Can Dance (What? You're not doing that too?)... make 'em smaller, and serve alongside some mint chutney. It'll make Cat Deeley easier to deal with. Anyone else find her slightly annoying?!
(Oh and I'll put the chutney recipe up tomorrow. Stay tuned.)

3) Cheeeeeap
This recipe made about 8 big, fat patties. For about $5. 'Nuff said.

4) Quick and easy
Microwave your sweet potato, and this whole meal can come together in about 15 minutes. And what's easier than whizzing stuff together in a food processor, making little patties and frying 'em?

Sweet (Potato) Cakes

Sweet potato-tofu patties spiked with fresh ginger, green chile & curry leaves

You'll need:
1lb sweet potatoes, cooked (boiled, roasted, nuked) and peeled
1 block extra firm tofu
1 tbsp ginger, chopped
1 serrano chili, ribs and seeds removed if you don't like things spicy, chopped
5 curry leaves (you can find these at the Indian shoppe)
2 tbsp flax seed meal (optional)
1/2 cup either all purpose flour OR chickpea flour (toasted)
1 tsp kosher salt
Olive oil

1) Mash sweet potato in a large bowl. Allow to chill in the fridge while you make the tofu mixture.

2) In a food processor, whiz together ginger, green chili, curry leaves and tofu.

3) Spoon tofu mixture into bowl, add flax seed meal, flour and salt. Fold together with a spatula.

4) Heat nonstick skillet over medium-high heat about 5 minutes, until nice and warm. Drizzle some olive oil into the pan.

5) While the pan is heating up, start shaping the patties. You can make them as big or small as you want. Just make sure they hold together (if they're still too sticky, add more flour), and they're evenly shaped.

6) Lay patties into the pan. Cook for 3-5 minutes on one side, until brown. Flip and cook for another 5 minutes on the other side. Remove and serve!



Monday, June 8, 2009

A little clue...

A few "friends" making an appearance on Aarti Paarti tomorrow!



Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Aarti Cooks: The Perfect Eggs!

Once you begin to ponder the egg, it's hard to stop wondering at this happy little creation.

So pleasing to the eye: the sensual round, generous bottom, the delicate taper to a cute, nubby nose. A tiny rugby ball, it reminds me of a woman's belly in those last days before birth, so swollen, so ready to explode a new life into the world! The purity of the white ones, the warmth of the brown ones, the quaint speckles here and there reminding you that every egg, like every snowflake, like every baby in the womb, is unique.

Say it... "egg". Notice how your tongue curls in such a way as to mimic the way an egg would nestle tenderly against your palm, against the side of a carefully constructed nest, against the warm feathery belly of its mother or father. Fragile enough to smash, but strong enough to withstand a gentle squeeze that relieves even my worst anxiety.

And don't get me started on its mystery. Had we not interrupted its intended purpose, how does that egg birth a chick? What's it like for that little baby bird inside its sanctuary? Is it quiet? Is it loud? Is it dark? Is it constantly changing? I can't say it better than this chick (pun, sadly, intended):

Probably one of the most private things in the world is an egg until it is broken.
-M.F.K. Fisher

Cute, huh?

And isn't the egg flexible? Once you can get over the macabre notion that we've ended a life in order to sustain our own (hang on... yup, I'm over it), the egg functions as breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's the glue that holds pastries and pasta together, the agent responsible for fluffy pancakes, muffins and cupcakes, the custard that batters french toast and deep-fried Twinkies.

Yeah, I said it. Deep-fried Twinkies.

Attention: tangent approaching. Here it comes: Isn't it funny how fried is only one letter away from friend? Think about it.


Ok, back to the egg. A cheap, easy source of protein, you can eat eggs hard-boiled, soft-boiled (yum!), coddled, scrambled, over-easy, sunny-side up, poached, baked, as an omelet, a frittata... it goes on and on.

And yet, how easy it is to screw it up! I'm not sure what's worse: an over-cooked or an undercooked-egg.

By far, the most daunting option for me is the poached egg. I learned how to make them in cooking school, and it involved large pots of water, a chopstick to swirl the water at just the right pace, and a perfectly executed drop. Being a less-than-delicate cook, I messed these up a lot, and decided then and there never to make 'em again.

But, a couple of weeks ago, I HAD to make one (for a super-secret project that I'll describe as soon as I'm allowed to!), and as luck would have it, I stumbled upon a great technique that I knew I had to share with you! Eggs benedict, here you come!

It also reminded me that I had figured out a way to make the perfect sunny-side up eggs too. No more will your yolks be splattered across your pan as you flip 'em over (unless you like them that way)! No! Now you too can have picture perfect yellow circles greeting your noggin every morning!

And so, let us begin with the poaching technique since that's the one I'm most excited about.

Ok, first, grab a small skillet, fill it with water, bung a lid on it and bring the water to a boil.

Meanwhile, break you egg into a small bowl. I like this little rice bowl.

Then, when the water is boiling, add a tablespoon of white wine vinegar -- this coagulates the egg white quickly.

It doesn't add much flavour, but if you think it does, you can always dunk the cooked egg into a bowl of clean water before you eat it. Also add a sprinkle of salt. This not only flavours your egg, but brings the water temperature up a bit so that egg cooks even quicker.

Now listen up all your perfectionist Polly's. This extra step is a pain, but I like it because the egg turns out neater. I forgot to take a photo, but it's pretty simple. Ladle some of that boiling vinegary-water into your little bowl that has the egg in it. Swirl it a little and wait 20 seconds.

Then gently pour it back into the skillet. Turn the heat off, put the lid on, and let it sit for about 4 minutes for a runny yolk.

I like to drain it on a piece of bread, but you don't have to.
I also cut off the tissue-y excess, so that it would look nice in the photo, but ordinarily, I wouldn't bother. Don't want to waste any of that yumminess!
You can throw that piece of watery bread into the toaster now if you like.

Sprinkle with pepper and serve! Ain't she a beaut?!

Ok, now onto the fried, I mean, friend version, sunny-side up.

Grab your nonstick skillet again.
Warm it over low heat for about 3 minutes so its good and warm.
Break your eggs into a little bowl.
Once the pan is warm, add a pad of butter.
It should sizzle sassily as soon as it hits the pan.
Move the butter around the pan too, so it's evenly distributed. If it turns into brown butter, that's ok too. Oh, it's more than ok, who am I kidding?

Once the butter has melted, pour your eggs in.
If your stove sits on a slanting floor as mine does, your yolks will fall to the bottom of the pan like a pair of old boobs.
Season with salt and freshly ground pepper. And garam masala, if you're Brendan.

Ok, now this is a weird step, for those in search of PERFECT eggs. If you don't care that much, then you can skip it.
Grab a piece of paper towel and line the inside of the lid to your skillet, taping down the ends on the outside of the lid.
I know, it's weird, but the paper towel absorbs all the moisture that's going to accumulate in your pan, which would otherwise fall back onto your eggs resulting in... soggy eggs.
No. Thankyou.

Now, take your altered skillet lid and throw it on top of your eggs, as soon as you've poured them into your pan. Set your timer for 3 minutes (for medium eggs).

Serve, decorating with a slice of tomato to indicate your mood that day, and make your husband take absurd photos with said eggs.

Enjoy your new-found egg-cellency. (Sorry, I had to do it).



Adding appendages

So, after moaning about being uninspired, Kuv suggested I answer this question:

I have a question for your next blog post... if you had to choose between having an extra toe or an extra finger, which would you choose??"


I didn't think I could answer it. But then the answer dawned on me: an extra finger, all the better to play the uke with!


What about you guys?

And Kuv, I have a question for you. Which would you choose: a wallet that you could hold onto for a year, which produces as much money as you need in that moment, OR the life-long ability to fly?


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Aarti Paarti Ep. 15: Smoky Squash


Far be it from me to criticize one of God's creations, but good Lord! The zucchini is boring! Don't you agree? So bland in flavour, so blah in texture... and yet, so cheap, so ubiquitous, and honestly, really quite pretty.

Squash has hit the farmers market in my neck of the woods, and I was completely taken by all the pretty kinds you can find: the cheery, squat patty pans, the Mexican gray, the ones that look like lemons...

Perhaps one of squash's best qualities is that it cooks up so quickly. Give yourself about 15 minutes, and this dish will be done, and you'll only have to dirty one dish: your wok. You'll end up with a smoky, juicy dish that would sing alongside a roast or grilled meat, but is equally satisfying on its own.

Check it out!

More videos here!

"Reading Rainbows" by 8bit Betty
"Smokey the Bear" by Gene Autry

Director, camera & husband extraordinaire: Brendan McNamara

Smoky Squash

Assorted squash with red bell pepper, tomato and coriander, cumin and dried mango powder

Adapted from a recipe by Neelam Batra.

You'll need:
2lbs zucchini, yellow squash, patty pan, whatever you want or can find
1 red pepper, chopped into 1" squares
1 tbsp coriander powder
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp dried mango powder (amchur)
1 tbsp minced ginger
2 medium tomatoes, chopped
Seasoned salt (to taste)

1) Top and tail the squash. If you're using zucchini, slice into 1" rounds. If you're using patty-pans, cut a cross into one end of the squash, cutting about a 1/4 of the way through.

2) Warm a little olive oil in a wok over high heat. Add squash & pepper. Stir occasionally, and cook, uncovered, until some brown spots appear all over.

3) Turn heat down to medium-high. Sprinkle spice powders, ginger and salt all over the veggies. Stir. Cover and cook 2 minutes.

4) Add tomatoes. Stir and cook, covered another 2 minutes until squash is crisp-tender.

5) Sprinkle with chopped cilantro. Taste for seasoning and serve!



Monday, June 1, 2009

Are you there? It's me, Aarti

I'll be honest, peeps.

I've been a bit conflicted about this blog.

There. I said it. While I had previously taken heaps of joy in writing, the past month or so has been, well, how do I say it... difficult. I have a hard time thinking of things to write about. I find the Blogger photo-upload system insufferable. Everyone else's blog seems oh so much more interesting, especially my sister's, which I can't stop reading!!

I'm not sure what's behind it. Perhaps the shiny new-ness of the cooking show is occupying my creativity? I'm not sure.

Also, in the spirit of honesty, I think I'm discouraged. I've had no idea if anyone is actually reading this thing (apart from the loyal commenters, Laura and Patty Jean!). I know I shouldn't be writing FOR comments, that I should just be writing for myself, but unless you write one of these things, you can't know how important, how encouraging the comment section is. And since I haven't been getting any, I've been... sigh... discouraged.

Ah honesty. I thought purging my conscience would help. But. I don't know. I need to write something more interesting.


Maybe tomorrow.


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