Wednesday, April 22, 2009

She's back!

Oh thank Goodness. The PMS has broken and I'm starting to feel like myself again. I know that phrase is over-used but I really did not feel like myself this time around. I was so pessimistic, so blue, so mentally/physically/emotionally tired all the time. Bren's excitement over seeing me smile again yesterday made me realise how rarely he'd seen a smile from me over the past few weeks. In fact, I probably looked a lot like this:

Well, maybe not.

Along with the smiles comes a rush of gratitude. I began the day grateful for my "bike gang", the accountability group consisting of Elena, Karen, Bren and myself that meets every week to plot our life, dreams and goals together. It began as four relative strangers talking about strategy and has morphed into a group where someone always gets a massage from three sets of hands when he or she is feeling sad or discouraged. I love my bike gang. Man, I wish I had a photo! Oh wait, I do! This is from the night when one of us needed some serious cheering up -- in the form of "Knocked Up" and face masks.

Later, I got very grateful for Zandy, my brother from another mother, who took us to his favorite ramen place downtown. I am not grateful for how full I still feel, but my tastebuds are doing cartwheels.

And now, I'm counting my blessings in the form of my farmers market booty: English peas (finally!), fresh fava beans, chiogga beets, green garlic, the most aromatic mint I've ever buried my nose in, knobbly sunchokes, fingerling potatoes that remind me of a mild-mannered giant's digits... I am so very lucky to live here in LA, and so very very lucky to be able to buy this stuff every now and then.




shinfain said...

baby mama... not knocked-up... so there.

bike gang forever!

Patty Jean Robinson said...

The bike gang sounds wonderfully wonderful!! I have a similar group - I like the idea of the one in need getting massage from the others... really like that. YAY! Look at all the wonderful love out there!

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