Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Cheater Cheater Pasta!

The other night, I had to throw something together quickly before Bren got home from improv class. Cue this delicious pasta which I'm calling "Cheater Cheater Pasta" because it involves using a jar of (gasp!) Classico pasta sauce. The one with caramelized onions and garlic if you must know.

I don't make a lot of pasta, but these days, with less to spend on food, I make it about once a fortnight. And I've been buying Classico sauce not because I like the sauce that much (I mean, jarred sauce isn't that great no matter what you get for under $10 right?), but because I love the mason jars! I'm collecting them so that I can put all my lentils and beans and whatever else in 'em.

I had a big bunch of swiss chard, a packet of Trader Joes Chicken-Mango sausage, some green garlic, the afore-mentioned pasta sauce and half a bag of whole wheat rotini. It all made me think of this awesome pasta dish my sister made for me when I visited her the other month. I was so surprised by how much I liked it that I couldn't stop talking about it.


So I quickly sauteed the green garlic in some olive oil until it had softened, gently browned the sausage which I sliced into thin rounds, then threw in the stalks of the swiss chard which I chopped into fine little chunks. I didn't let them cook too long, because I love their crunch and bright magenta colour, so I quickly dumped the leaves which I'd rolled up and sliced into thin ribbons. A sprinkling of salt, pepper and fresh nutmeg, throw the lid on for a few minutes to allow the leaves to wilt, a jar of sauce, and a slow simmer while I cooked the pasta, a quick grate of parmesan and a last-minute handful of pine nuts and... taa-daa! DINNER! The sauce took on a little sweetness, probably from the mango sausage and the chard makes you feel like you're eating something that's good for you.

Try it! It's EASY!




Laura McLaughlin said...

looks yummy aarti! i've often made pasta dishes with whatever i had on hand...and doctoring up the sauce makes a huge diff. you made it gourmet!

: )

i am so hungry now!

Maria said...

So funny... we have a whole cupboard full of Mason jars from pasta sauce! We use them as glasses as I seem to have a terrible habit of breaking them when I do the dishes! this way they get replaced.. and we get pasta!

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