Monday, April 20, 2009

Red means stop.

I'm taking a break.

I realized with both sadness and fear this week, that writing recipes and shooting a video every week was starting to take its toll on me. Coming up with 2 new recipes every week might be easy for some folks, but for me, it was starting to become a struggle... I haven't felt very inspired, and as a result, I haven't been as proud of the recipes (except for the Lamb one. You have to try that one. That one ROCKS my bum off. Really).

Much much worse: I was starting to resent shooting the show -- the very thing that has been bringing me so much joy over the past months... the very thing that had made me realize what I wanted to do with my life.

This may have something to do with getting a little burnt out, but it could also have something to do with the fact that I have been PMS'ing for THREE WEEKS PEOPLE! Poor Bren has had to handle the brunt of my irritability, my fatigue and lethargy, my sudden collapses into tears, my enormous, enormous boobs...

Then, the other day, when I was talking to Bren's Uncle Brian, he asked me how many episodes I'd shot. I said "ten!". Then he said, "Great! That's a season!".

And then the chorus of angels started, as they say, singing.

I've shot a tv-length season?

Good Lord!

It's time for a break!!

And while the little monster in my heart is calling me a lazy so-and-so, I know that for my sanity, and for the sake of creating food I love, my brain needs a rest. And unlike the person I was a year ago, I have decided to give it to myself. I am looking forward to a little time to experiment in the kitchen.

In the meantime, I am going to tend to this little blog o' mine. I haven't been motivated to write in a while, and that's not right. So I'm going back to where it all began: writing on this site. Hearing from you. Making you laugh. Maybe that'll help me get the juices going again.

I'll leave you with photos of the first red velvet cake I've ever made (from scratch too! And no Crisco thankyou very much), commissioned by my friend Sheri for her friend, the comedienne B-Phlat. I didn't know how much I would LOVE making this cake. Red food dye sure is fun, especially when you use 1/2 a cup of it!!!!



Maria said...

Great cake! I always make those kids cakes that have a ton of food colouring in the icing and I always feel compelled to warn people about the amount of food colouring they are eating, and that it will stain their mouth, clothes and anything else it touches!

I thought I would also mention I have a friend that was looking for some things to cook and I referred her to your blog so she could impress her boyfriend with her cooking skills!! I love the recipes you post! It gets me trying something different in the kitchen, things that I would never have thought of putting together so 'Thank You' :)

aartilla the fun said...

wow! thanks maria! that is so very encouraging. i needed to hear that. thankyou so much!!!

Rosesq said...

The cake is great and since I have never had "Red Velvet Cake" before, I am looking for ward to having it soon, made by you of course. It looks beautiful Aarth and I am sure it tastes great as well.

Whatever decisions you take, you know we are with you. I am sure you are PMSing, because we Sequeiras have a propensity for hard work and we are creative to boot and and we are no chicken:)

So please pray for wisdom and guidance. See James 1:5, I am sure the Lord our God will show you the right directions.


Patty Jean Robinson said...

Everyone needs a break!!! You've definitely earned one. And you should definitely feel proud of each and every recipe that you've put up here!!

I might just have to live with you - like a mouse in the kitchen and snatch cake crumbs and frosting whenever you're not looking. But I won't leave my mouse droppings on the food.

Nicole said...

The cake is beautiful!!

Amy The Writer said...

The little monster in your heart is drop dead WRONG, so I'm going to kick its ass for you! You are NOT a lazy so-and-so, and 10 episodes of a cooking show sure as hell proves it to me! You totally deserve a break, take whatever time you need!

And that cake is Be-yooo-tiful!!!

aartilla the fun said...

wow thanks guys!

mum: i will make it for you! the cake itself doesn't have a defined flavour but it has some cocoa; next time i'm going to add some melted chocolate to the batter to oomph it up a little. :) and thank you for reinforcing that i am not crazy -- the PMS actually ended today, hallelujah!!

patty-j: hahaha no mouse droppings allowed! you are welcome to come eat whenever you want, and not just crumbs. you will have to eat like a mouse though, with tiny little nibbles and your hands/paws right in front of your mouth.

nicole: thank you! it started with your recipe! so thank you for putting it up, and i hope i did ya proud.

amy: thankyou for commenting amy! woo-hoo!! the monster seems to have a bit of a black eye at the moment -- he's not running his mouth off as much so i'm assuming you got him good. thank you.


bodaat said...

gorgeous cake!! ps - my birthday is June 9th. hehe, just kidding. ps - i love the picture of the cake batter - i couldn't believe how red it was!!

Patte said...

Oh, that cake is beautiful! I love the big B on there. It's just so elegant. I'm so glad that you took photos of it before everyone dug in. I have always been a fan of how the red velvet cake LOOKS but I have to be honest, I've never tasted one that was up to par with the appearance. So, I hope to taste yours someday.

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