Monday, April 13, 2009

Dead Air

Bren and I cancelled our cable last week. It ended last night, which happened to coincide with the first day I was allowed to watch daytime TV again, having given it up for Lent. I did alright for the first half of Lent, but by the time Holy Week rolled around, I started to feel a little... tense. Kinda like an over-filled balloon, that you need to pop. TV seemed to be the only way to zone out and stop thinking. I'm still feeling a little bit like that, but I'm taking refuge in playing the ukelele and the piano. Back in the day, I used to practice the piano for at least an hour a day. Doesn't that seem like a lot?! The only daily hourly practice I have these days is... eating?

I'm hoping for a return to the "good old days"!

The bizarrest part of the whole endeavour is that we still have the satellite dish until we're sent the boxes to mail it back. So while we aren't getting cable or local channels anymore, the home shopping network channels are still being piped in. I spent more than a few seconds mesmerized by what was called "Jessica Simpson uses ProActiv", morbidly cherishing the death of my brain cells in that short span of time. But then I came to my senses, turned it off and... put on my ProActiv refining mask. Hahahahahaaa!




bodaat said...

good for you both! i wish we could turn off our cable. as i get older i just simply hate it.

Patty Jean Robinson said...

You know, I miss TV - but I never have time to watch it anymore. So, it'll get easier. Plus, it's so lovely and easy to catch up online nowadays, so it makes me feel better. But I still miss a lot.

Don't fret! It'll all be okay. It's a lot of cash you're saving, so feel good about that! :) (Why oh why does cable have to be so expensive?)

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