Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Phones and Uppityness

Last week, Bren and I were on a speakerphone chat with our friend Andy, using my cellphone. Resorting to the cellphone was actually the punchline to an hour-long joke, in which we tried to talk to Andy via ichat, ichat-video and skype, all to no avail. I was trying to talk him into getting Oovoo, when, frustrated with "modern" technology, Andy just called my cellphone and I put him on speaker. Ah video-phone, when will your day come?

Anyway, Andy was saying something very important I'm sure when...


I dropped my phone into the glass of water I had in my other hand. Andy's voice disappeared.

Cue a slurry of words I have been trying not to say, and a lot of Bren saying the most annoying thing someone can say in that situation: "why did you do that?"

Despite carefully wiping off every piece and drying it in the sunshine, the phone never came back to life. And so I went about replacing it, the irony heavy; I had recently insured Bren's phone because he tends to either break or lose his phone with alarming frequency. When the nice T-Mobile person asked if I wanted to insure *my* phone so that I could replace it for free, I puffed my chest and stuck my nose up in the air.

"Oh no," I said. "I take care of my phone."

Ha! Well now I have a new phone (free minus shipping, handling and taxes which isa travesty I tell you). It's nothing fancy, and it's pretty old. No iphone here. I realised that I don't need a phone with bluetooth capability, or the ability to play tons of songs, or the ability to fix me breakfast. It just needs to work, and withstand being knocked around a bit. Just like my husband. Heehee.

Oh but it does do this:


I'm going through the first thing I always do with a new phone: listen to all the programmed ring tones. I realised today that I get a little giddy about it. Do you? What could these new ring tones sound like?

They are so disappointing! And, to make matter worse, this phone doesn't even offer your generic "ring ring" kinda tone, or at least not that I've found. It's so weird! What have we come to?

For now, my ring tone is something you might hear at the end of a Japanese video game, or at least, that's what Bren said. I've lost some of your numbers by the way, so email me your digits please!!!




bodaat said...

that phone is COOL!

Patty Jean Robinson said...

I love listening to all the rings, too! And I've gone through the ones you can download with my folks, just to amuse them. "What's more appropriate for my brother, Indiana Jones or the theme from Ghostbusters?"

My rings are currently very boring since I can't afford to download nifty ringtones. And I love the green on your phone!!!

aartilla the fun said...

hahah thanks kuv! and yeah patty jean, no nifty ringer for me... yet!! YET I TELL YOU!

bodaat said...

no, i'm being serious! my friend has that phone and she LOVES it.

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