Monday, April 6, 2009

The Freezer

I'm feeling much better today. Thanks guys! We had a wonderful weekend, surrounded by the loving arms of friends and family. Whoopee!

In order to keep costs down this week, I have been trying to think of cheap, simple yet tasty meals. In fact, you'll see two of the fruits of my labor this week, both on the cooking show, and on the Wednesday recipe. I'm actually enjoying it more than I thought I would, snaking my arms through the cans and boxes of food I've hoarded over the past few months, for inspiration. For once, it seems my inexplicable need to keep extra food in the house is paying off! I'm seeing the cans of chickpeas and tomatoes, boxes of quinoa and a packet of cinnamon-raisin bread mix in a new light, as little treasures.

Today, Bren opened the freezer and said, "Wow ba! We have tons of food!".

A little suspicious of his enthusiasm (!), I decided to investigate. And so we do! Here's what we have:

Some chicken breasts. Not one, but two Prime (oh man!) flank steaks that we got for free from our friend Larry at church, who tried the Yee-haw steak recipe and loved it so much, dear heart, that he felt moved to give us free meat from his workplace! Yee-haw indeed!

2 bags of shredded coconut...

Multiple baggies of minced ginger...

Lots and lots of bags of nuts: cashews, pinenuts, walnuts, pecans, almonds (whole and sliced) and peanuts. In the background, a box of Trader Joe's potato latkes. Have you had those by the way? They're fantastic.

What else?
Skinny dippers (low fat chocolate-covered ice-cream thingies): 4 vanilla, 1 chocolate
Someone needs to come over and eat these because we're never going to eat them given our scheduled dessert-consumption
6 ice-lollies: 2 orange, 4 grape
And these.
3 chicken taquitos
2 veggie burgers
1 box of chocolate-covered sunflower seeds
A few slices of pancetta
1/2 bag of strawberries
1/2 bag of mango
1 onion bagel
1 naan
1 big jar of yeast
1 round of homemade pizza dough

Phew! I gotta get eating!




Patty Jean Robinson said...

So hungry right now....mmmm Aarti and Bren's freezer....mmmmmm....

C said...

Hi Aarti! I have been a fan of yours for a while! I love your videos! But that photo of the chicken in the freezer prompted me to leave this comment... Why is there a battery in your freezer?! :)

aartilla the fun said...

hi C! thanks for checking me out! i'm actually shooting a video as we speak. :)

the battery. ah you are an observant one... i was wondering whether anyone would catch that. i'm afraid that is the work of my husband, Brendan. i think he read somewhere that you can preserve them that way? i think it's nonsense but hey, it's his freezer too.


PetalsYoga said...

Trader Joe Latkes are my FAVORITE frozen food item in the world! Glad your freezer is overflowing and that today was a better day.

Laura McLaughlin said...

ha! i did know that actually about the battery...

you can work magic with all those ingredients!

bodaat said...

battery? :) that made me smile.

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