Thursday, April 23, 2009

Keeping the Faith... in me!

I was excited about this time off from posting recipes, so that I could experiment. So far, the two things I've made have been a bust. Trying not to get discouraged. Ugh!




Patty Jean Robinson said...

OOh! I just got a crazy idea, and you can tell me if it's just too crazy.

What if instead of you looking to make something from home, the series follows you going to friends' homes and making yummy food out of their pantry?? Who knows what wonderful things can come out of the homes of your crazy friends? :)

But have faith! I do! Go, Artilla, go!!!

bodaat said...

but now you know what doesn't work. you know more now than you did a couple days ago. :)


Rosesq said...

Don't be discouraged Aarth, just as you have to get up when you fall and walk tall. You tried!! Now try something new.
You remember the composing of Moonlight Sonata?? What a beautiful composition it finally turned out to be. They occasionally play it for school assembly:)

KevMo said...

keep on keeping on sister

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