Friday, April 3, 2009

Me right now.

Friday night. Rose-scented candle (called "hope" quite fittingly!) burning. Bren editing this week's edition of The News, hosted by yours truly. Spoon's last record playing on the stereo. Looking up quinoa recipes for Aarti Paarti inspiration. Answering gorgeously encouraging text messages from Laura ("Do not fret. God is your friend and like all good friends... is looking out for you. Don't fret."). Thinking of turnip cake and salad for dinner. Proud of myself for cancelling cable today (gulp!). Contemplating Jamie Oliver's new baby, and his penchant for incredibly hippie names: Petal Blossom Rainbow Oliver.

Liking the name Rainbow. Liking Jamie Oliver.

Really loving this Spoon song right now.

Thinking back to a couple of hours ago when I was sitting in the sunshine in tears even though this morning I woke up in comforted, encouraged and even grateful for the valleys. Feeling better now that my rock of a husby (I'm stealing that from you Karen Keenan!) is home. Feeling very sorry for him having to duck out at the last second from his best friend's bachelor party this weekend in Vegas, which he had been looking forward to for the last few months, which he actually shed a tear over last night, all because of stupid money. Thinking very grateful thoughts for all the amazing people in my life who are encouraging me and praying for us, for my family (blood-related and not), for the people trying to hook me up with people who might have job contacts. Thanking someone in my heart for their cake order. Getting a lump in my throat over how grateful I am for Laura McLaughlin.

Thinking incredibly wonderful thoughts about the guy I talked to at UCLA today who put me in contact with the right person when it wasn't in his department. Smiling when I remember how he told me my resume was "dynamite" (whoopee!). Swelling with pride when I remember how my mentor read a cover letter of mine and didn't change a thing.

Trying to remember that things could always be much much much worse. Being grateful for not living in an IDP camp.

Grateful to God for his unabating faithfulness. Having faith that He will bless us with patience, joy, safety and provision. Amen.




Rosesq said...

Dearest Aarti,

So glad to see you upbeat again. So glad that you are not focusing on your problem but on God's ability to solve the problem. Take each day at a time,there is nothing you and the Lord cannot handle together.

Love Mum

Jeff Bowser said...

You have Brendan, he has you. You have friends. You are surrounded by so many who love you two. I can think of one such person right now...




bodaat said...


bodaat said...

ok, that was kinda weak so let me try again.... it's hard to feel my sister's pain so the words aren't flowing as easily as they should. but have a couple things brewing which is AWESOME. And you're not just sitting there without action. People are reaching out, contacts are being made. The thing that sucks is waiting! But the nice thing about this kind of waiting is that you're not doing it aimlessly - you know that seeds are being planted. You're putting energy in to this...and it will be fruitful! It WILL!! I'll call Suzi today.

aartilla the fun said...

:) kuv, your first comment was just perfect!

thanks guys. i am rich in friendships and love!

ok enough goopy stuff.


PetalsYoga said...


Just one more goopy entry...;-)

I am a blog friend of your sister Kavita and a yoga teacher in Portland, OR.

My prayer for you:
I pray that each breath that you take in is filled with hope and peace and that each exhalation is a real letting go kind of breath, the kind that allows you to release and move on.

I can tell from your posting that you are strong and resilient. Please know that people all over the world are supporting you and praying for abundance to flow in your direction.

With warmest hugs,


Anonymous said...

Aarti you are the best. I am so touched by your sweet words. I know how you feel me and Frank were there a few months ago, and what got us through was each other, but most of all, I was stubborn in my faith that god had the perfect set up waiting for me just down the road, and when I finally made it over the hill and saw what it was...well...I never again will insist that things happen when I want them to, he knows so much better than I.

: )

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