Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pig Love

It says something about my eating habits that not one, but TWO people suggested I take a look at a website called Bacon Today. Thanks Andy and Jay! (I think...)

Featured articles include:
- Bacon & Eggs ice cream (funnily enough, Bren has been thinking about making bacon ice cream, in addition to the two ice creams he's making for Thankgiving: persimmon- chocolate gingersnap, and a surprise ingredient one called "Drunken Grandma". More about that one on Thursday!)

- Bacon-wrapped iPhone

- And perhaps the piece de resistance, Turbaconducken: a chicken wrapped in bacon, stuffed into a duck wrapped in bacon, stuffed into a turkey... wrapped in bacon. Photo of the raw completed birds up there. Sounds kinda yucky to me, but the chefs say it was delicious.





bodaat said...

Blurgh. That pic just looked so meaty and blrughhhghh. It looked so fatty!

Sasafras said...

My goodness. I've never seen such a thing.

Rosesq said...


I can't believe that I am saying that to bacon. I would rather have it inside my roast chicken:)

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