Sunday, November 30, 2008

A more personal form of terrorism

I'm in a sober mood this morning after I read this column by Nick Kristof in the NY Times today; watch out the photo is graphic.

It's about a form of terrorism performed on, in this case, women in Pakistan: acid attacks. If you can stomach it, watch the accompanying video. You may have heard about the acid thrown on a number of women and girls by a bunch of men on motorcycles, as the girls made their way to school in Afghanistan last week. After reading this column, and remembering the femcide in the Congo I've been reading about for the past year, I just can't stop shaking my head...



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Kir said...

Thanks for posting this article. I know most times our blogs are supposed to be about happy and uplifting things but not everyone is so lucky and this is a sobering reminder to be thankful for what we have and also a call to be a voice for the women who have none.

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