Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Far be it from me to suggest that your lives are affected by my blog (!), but I'd just like to apologize for the radio silence since Thursday. It's been a bit busy over here, what with the yard sale and working on documentary ideas etc. Don't worry though; if you are looking for the weekly "Aarti Cooks" installment, I hope to get it up later today. As a little teaser, I'll tell you that it's a departure from my typical style of cooking; this time it's simple and requires the teeniest-tiniest amount of stovetop cooking. Oh, and it involves persimmons, pistachios and rainbow chard.





Sasafras said...

Sounds great! I am waiting with bated breath. Hurry up. Just kidding.
Speaking of cooking, we made Beanie's homemade sushi the other night. It was really good. Our rolls were a little floppy, due to inexperience and too much zeal, but they tasted awesome.
Looking forward to more of your cooking.

Anonymous said...

i am going to sit here until you put up that post...i mean it! sitting...sitting...sitting...sitting....

aartilla the fun said...

mmm sushi. i have never made it although i do have that bamboo mat randomly so i should try. good for you guys!

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