Friday, August 24, 2007

Prepping for the Burn

Carnivale mask? Check.
EL wire to light up the bike? Check.
10 changes of underwear? Check.

What else could that list be for, but for Burning Man?!

Bren leaves for Burning Man on Sunday, so I have been helping him by running errands and also cooking a few batches of food for him to take. I was so flattered that he even asked!! For those of you interested, I am making a big batch of Kala Channa (which I wrote about in my Jai Hindh! post), and a big batch of quinoa salad. That should keep the vegetarians satisfied. :)

There is so much to prepare before he leaves -- it really is a massive undertaking. He is going with a camp of about 15 people, so imagine all the logistical planning: the water, the rental trucks, the food, the dry ice to keep the food from going bad, the shade structure (which is vital since Burning Man is held in the middle of the cloudless Nevada desert on a dried-out lakebed), transporting the shade structure (a 30-foot dome that they built from scratch, no kits, just pipe lengths!)... and then of course, your clothes, your tent, your bike... The list goes on and on. It is really something and if you can't tell from my boastful tone, I am so proud of him! I pray that he has a tremendous time, since his previous experience was so wonderful. As for me, I will be here alone for a week, which I am kinda dreading, kinda looking forward to. At least Kuv will be here for a couple of days to keep me company. Yeah Kuv!!!!


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