Friday, August 3, 2007

The Fat Kid Mentality

If any of you have hung around Bren and I enough, you know that we were fat kids. And that fat kid mentality still runs our lives, eg. being unbelievably excited when we moved in that In'n'Out Burger is only 2 blocks from our place and subsequently hitting it about twice a week, running out the door in our pyjamas to beat the 10p closing time at Coldstone Creamery, me working out extra hard this morning to justify that sweet, flaky chocolate croissant and creamy latte from my favorite coffee place ever, Conservatory coffee, driving 45 minutes to Gardena just to get the most delicious sushi... oh fat kid mentality, we love and hate you simultaneously.

Well, our hands-down favorite place to get a burger is called Father's Office. It's a small pub in Santa Monica with a cult following, due to its insane on-tap beer collection, and of course, the Office Burger. This thing is a work of art: the perfect mix of lean and fatty meat, a bun that is doesn't scrape the roof of your mouth, but isn't the consistency of Wonder Bread, a handful of fresh arugula, a smattering of blue cheese and the best part, a remarkable onion/bacon compote slathered lovingly atop the patty... oh man, I can taste it now. And there's no changes here, you picky eaters. All you can control is how well-done you want your meat cooked. No substitutions and NO KETCHUP! This place is so popular that a line forms down the block before opening time at 3p on the weekends, so that people can grab a seat (there's no reservations). This is also the palce that introduced Brendan to the love of his life brew-wise: Unibroue's Terrible.

So, I'm not sure how best to convey our frickin' excitement that Father's Office TWO is coming to FRICKIN' CULVER CITY!!!! 2 blocks from our house!!!!!!! We could literally walk there in 5 minutes. FIVE FRICKIN' MINUTES!!!!!!! YAAAAHAHAHAYAHAYGHGASHGLKAJDSHFKAJSDHAFLKGAV!!!!

Today, Bren took me to see the sign and the spot:

In the last picture, if you look closely, you can see how the damn local gang, the Westside Locos tagged up the sign. WTF?! Clearly they haven't had the Office Burger... had they tasted it, they wouldn't have committed this kind of sacrilege!!


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