Thursday, August 9, 2007

Fat Kid Mentality Part 2

Conversation between Bren and myself yesterday:

B: "Did you go to the grocery store today?"
A: "Yup."
B: "Did you get... oh nevermind."
A: "What?"
B: "Nope, I already know the answer."
A: "What? How is that possible? There are literally hundreds of things I could have bought, and I haven't said...."
B: "When we get home, I'll point at it and you'll laugh."
A: "Oh reeeally? Ok..."

Cut to: I follow Bren up the stairs to our humble abode.

Bren walks directly toward the freezer, opens it up and points... at the three boxes of ice-cream treats I bought at the store today.

I start to laugh, because I can't believe Bren read my mind.

A: "How did you know? How could you POSSIBLY know?"
B: Shrugs. "Fat Kids."


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