Friday, February 13, 2009

Things that make me happy

That last post was the epitome of laziness. A lazy post about being lazy!! I owe you better. Soo...

There are a few things in my kitchen that make my life just that little bit happier. I thought you might want to see them. Ready?

1) Soy milk creamer
This is one of the few soy products I have tried that (I hear the angels singing!) doesn't taste like soy! What joy! I can now enjoy my morning cuppa without having to submit my body to breaking down milky lactose, which it cannot do, resulting in a distended tummy and um... ummmmm... ok fine I'll say it, "air pollution". It's also lower in fat than half and half so I can have my Halle-Berry coloured coffee with a guilt-free (fat-free!) conscience.

2) Toasted Sliced Almonds
I love these! They're great for mindless snacking when I'm stressed about something and just need to fill my gob... they're also good for healthier options (!) like salads, oatmeal and veggie sautes. I keep mine in the freezer; it seems to ward off that stale taste, and if you haven't tasted very very cold nuts before, I think you might be in for a treat. (For those of giggling at that last statement... well, I was going to say get your mind out of the gutter, but my mind went there too so... I'll shut it. :)

3) Liquid concentrate broth
A friend shared these with me a couple of years ago and I have bought them ever since. If you ever just need a cup of broth for something, the box comes with a number of individual packets, each making a cup of broth when added to hot water. I much prefer their flavor to bouillon which is too salty for me. I have 'em in beef, chicken and vegetable. So good. Trader Joes makes them too.

4) Organic Turmeric Powder
I'm almost ashamed to admit that, even though I grew up in a staunchly "Jai Hindh" (Viva India!) household, complete with the mandatory worship of Indian cuisine, it wasn't until two Christmas-es ago that I realised what the spice-box staple, Turmeric Powder, actually smelled or tasted like.

That's because the majority of turmeric sold here isn't pure turmeric... there's usually some kind of filler in it. Mum and Dad discovered this organic brand in Bangalore, and I loved it so much that I had to buy a jar and bring it home. Now I worry about what to do when I finish it. I'm sure I can find some here, right? Right?!

What are some of your favorite things in your kitchen?



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Anonymous said...

i don't have it anymore but this tea kettle that i was a cow and had a was a tea cattle...get it? tea cattle? hahahahahahahhhaha....ahem. sorry!

x of my favorite things in my kitchen is aarti when she's standing in it (i get the brown noser award)mwa!

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