Thursday, February 26, 2009

Tattoo Obsession

Do you ever obsess over things for a short amount to time, until (poof!) they disappear never to be pondered over again?

I am having one of those sessions about a wrist tattoo. I have wanted one ever since I saw my friend Lacey's g-o-r-g-e-o-u-s cuff. I wish I could find a photo of it. It's so beautiful -- lots of layers of intricate henna-like patterns with jellybelly colours. So pretty. Andy, do you have a photo of it?

After gazing at Lacey's cuff longingly, I realised that I couldn't get one because I am a furry flower, so any intricate design on the outer wrist would hibernate under my woolly mammoth covering. :(

Recently, I thought that I'd like to tattoo something on the inside of my wrist, like my friend Keven, who has "and so it goes" on his left wrist -- a reminder, I think, not to freak out about things that he can't control. Cool, huh? I fear, however, that I might just be part of the wrist-tattoo zeitgeist, since, the other morning at breakfast, I noticed not one but two waitresses had a small symbol tattoo'd in that same spot. Dammit! I mean, dash it!

I wrote a small verse (Matthew 5:16 "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven") on my wrist the other day to see whether I would like that. Even though I love this verse, it seemed a bit too big.

So I'm thinking that either a short phrase or a small image is the right choice. I've always liked the dove, but that seems a bit trite, no? This one is awesome:

Image from someone's myspace page

The tattoo obsession is not new. A little while ago, after Bren got his "aarti"
tattoo, I started envisioning a sacred heart in the middle of my back, surrounded by layer upon layer of henna designs. While I was in India, I bought a book of gorgeous henna designs. Aren't these amazing?

And so, armed with authentic henna design, I was all set to do it for my 30th birthday. But then, we were too busy, and Burning Man came around, and we were low on money... anyway, long story short, I put it off. And now I'm thinking that was probably a good idea because I should probably start with something much smaller. But I'm having such a hard time deciding what to do!

So do you have tattoos? Do you have your heart set on a particular tattoo? HELP!




KevMo said...

I love the examples you have on your blog. The bird is so awesome... what style are the lined tattoo's? I want to get a phoenix that fills my back :)

bodaat said...

If I were to get a tattoo it would be of a sacred heart or a phrase. Very similar to you. Urgh, guess it runs in the blood, huh? :)

Patty Jean Robinson said...

I think tattoos are awesome. And I'd totally would have one, if there was something I was sure I'd love to have on my bod for the rest of my life.

Want to hear something sweet/silly? My dad has a tattoo of a little submarine that's painted green & purple w/polka dots on his shoulder.
He got it when he was in the Navy. Mom & Dad would joke about the color combo when listening to "Yellow Submarine." He even got the image on two mugs w/their names on it. A completely silly symbol but has a much love and symbolism as your name on Brendan. And Mom & Dad for some reason always have green & purple as their colors. Not like the house looks green & purple... but you know what I mean.

I've always loved the idea of henna tattoos, since they wear off after awhile. :)

Mike Hussey said...

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