Thursday, February 19, 2009

"Me & Stephon" - The Saga Continues

Ha! Well, quandry over -- Laura has very kindly offered me her coffee grinder! Yippee! Ask and ye shall receive! Whooppeeeeee THANKYOU LAURA!

In other bountiful news, Bren's improvised chinwag with the NY Knicks' Stephon Marbury has garnered even more eyeballs! The first episode (of 5) has over 11,000 hits. That isn't a typo. Eleven thousand. Cool, eh?

The second episode has about 1,000. The third episode went up today, and actually I'm having a hard time choosing which is my favorite. I mean, likening Stephon's tiff with the Knicks to a break-up with your live-in boyfriend, whose apartment you're still inhabiting... brilliant!

Which one is YOUR favorite? Click below and you can see for yourself!

Episode 1 (in which Bren and Stephon discuss why a million dollar player is waiting for the bus)
Episode 2 (in which Bren asks Stephon what he'd have to do to get his name tattoo'd on his arm)
Episode 3 (in which... well I just told you!)



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