Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Aarti Paarti #3 is up!

Take a look! Man, I was up 'til 2:30 this morning finishing that thing. I'm still surprisingly bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Ha!

This week, a subject you loyal readers know I'm obsessed with at the moment: lentils! This time, a more traditional dal recipe that I grew up with. It's a soupier version that you can eat on its own, or yes you guessed it, over rice. You can also spice it up with a green serrano chili or two. I didn't, because of Bren's delicate-flower constitution. Love you ba!

We're using red lentils (masoor dal) and split pigeon peas (toor dal) in this recipe. If you'd like to simplify, just use the red ones. Other specialty ingredients: curry leaves (of course! I know! I have a problem!), turmeric and asfoetida powder.

I'll put the recipe up a little later.




Anonymous said...

looks delicious....hahahah "delicate flower like constitution"...

aartilla the fun said...

he's so delicate! don't let the krav maga fool you!

Katie said...

I LOVE AARTI PAARTI!!! Yay for the new installment! This was a great looking recipe. I can't wait to try it. The lighting and sound were both much improved! I can't believe how far the production value has come! We're going to have to build you a set soon!

Ok, here's my 2 bits of constructive criticism. Though I liked this recipe a bit more than the recipe featured in #2, I loved some of the editing things you did in 2 that seemed to be missing in 3, specifically, you seemed to talk a lot more over things like veggie cutting. We love to hear you talk! Your host "patter" is classic and completely adorable and everyone knows the host personality makes or breaks a show like this and you've got awesome host personality! Keep the patter coming! I love the play with the camera(man) that has been in both the last 2 episodes. The vegetable song moment was hilarious in #2 and though I know it won't work with every episode, throwing in silly songs over a montage on a regular basis definitely will keep the show high energy and lovely.

But seriously! Great job! I LOVE this show! Look forward to it every week!

aartilla the fun said...

wow thanks katie! yeah, i love the montaging and silly songs too, but i couldn't think of a way to get that in here. and since this was a more complicated recipe, i needed to just get on with it. but i hear you and thankyou for your CC! (constructive critique).


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