Thursday, February 12, 2009

I asked for it...

Well, after all my moaning about wanting rain and low temperatures, God answered with an almighty, "OH YEAH?!!!".

Cue one gorgeous rainy (but oh so cold in this drafty apartment) day after another, replete with moments when the rain came down so hard that I got a little scared. But it was all worth it; the mountaintops were covered in snow here this week, a gorgeous sight with palm trees in the foreground. I neglected to snap a photo, but here's one from the LA Times on Monday.

The other day, we also experienced the most curious thing: full-on rain, full-on sun! Some of you may have seen this before, but I have never witnessed a moment when BOTH aspects were exerting themselves at full force. Bren and I just stood watching for a while, no words passing between us. Then he quickly leaped into the living room to grab the camera and take some shots; I told him they wouldn't come out. Shows what I know! Click on them so you can see them full-size, especially the last one which captures individual rain drops falling off our roof. Awesome.

And as if that wasn't gorgeous enough, He then spoiled us with a great big stairway-to-heaven looking rainbow. WTF! (aka what the "fiddlesticks" :) Oh, and all this on my friend Elena's birthday! Lucky chestnut!



Anonymous said...

i love when that happens...i feel i can see's like he's saying "see? anything is possible".

ha ha ha "lucky chestnut".

: )

aartilla the fun said...

totally! i'm reading through genesis right now (i'm the furtherest i've ever gotten, which is about 30 chapters in... si se puede!), it makes me think of the rainbow after the flood, a promise God made to silly old mankind. pretty cool!

chestnuts = me trying not to swear. hahahah!

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