Monday, December 15, 2008

First Rain!

The first big rain has hit LA. It's gorgeously grey and wet outside and genuinely chilly inside. And so, I am treating myself to a big cup of tea and an hour of knitting with my soft, cuddly bathrobe on.

I am so lucky!

What are you doing?




Rosesq said...

It is 8.56 in Bangalore. It is a cold, windy and cloudy day. So not very cheerful outside - but Praise God our tummys are full with delicious breakfast.We had "Beaten Rice with fresh coconut, flavoured with ground cardamom." Yummy. Washed down with a steamy mug of Fresh Indian Chai.

bodaat said...

Ooooh Mum, that sounds nice! We had a nice cloudy and rainy day too. I am right now sitting on the sofa in my bright PINK bathrobe! :) Trying to keep up with my sniffly running nose.

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