Tuesday, December 9, 2008


It's definitely getting nippy here in LA, sinking to the 40s and 50s at night. Ooh! I know there's a fair number of you rolling your eyes at me, but I've earned the right to sunny winters dammit! I lived in Chicago remember?!

There are many blessings that accompany cold weather, at least at the beginning when the novelty hasn't worn off: sipping hot chocolate at night, slow-cooked meals like stews and roasts, the muted sunshine that glows a pale buttercream-yellow instead of the harsh paintbox-yellow synonymous with summer... and of course, the return of BLANKIES!

Had you come over any night this week, you would have found me swaddled in one of two treasured blankets in the McSequeira house; our childhood blankies!

Here's the blanket that Bren grew up with, AKA "the Dinosaur blanket":

Bren got this back a few years ago. I think it had been co-opted by Jed, Bren's younger brother, the one who just got married, and who Bren often remembers said as a child, "everything is mine".

Imagine Bren's glee when his mum returned the blanket a few years ago! It's been well-worn but this thing is the warmest blanket in our arsenal. There's something beautiful about things worn out by love isn't there? Especially a little kid's love.

Plus, it makes you feel tough because you're covered in prehistoric animals.

Here's mine, "the clownie blanket":

Clowns may have freaked you out as a child, but these ones saw me through the chicken pox, the measles, all manner of tummy upsets, and oh yes, the big move from Dubai to the States when I started college. I didn't think twice; Clownie had to come with me. My sister, Kuv, has one too.

The blanket has greyed a bit over the years, but the colors are still so vivid.

That's my favorite clown of the whole lot. Look at her tights!

Worn and faded as they may appear, there's nothing warmer than a blanket that has kept you warm since your milk teeth days. I like to imagine that one day, when we have kids, they'll be able to use these blankies. On second thought, I don't think I want to share. Get your own blanket, kids!

Clownie is even going to make an appearance in the first season of Hothouse Films! Tune in and watch "Clown Covers" when it debuts this weekend!

Do you have your childhood blankie?




Anonymous said...

i have the afghan that my grandma knitted that my mom used to take me home from the hospital...i WISH i still had the cool quilt my mom made for me that was a giant doll...she had a head with yarn i'd use as a pillow and stuffed legs and arms attached...why oh why didn't i hold onto that!

aartilla the fun said...

oh my goodness that sounds amazing!

bodaat said...

Actually my clownie is with Crish and I know that she is making good use of it! And I LOVE Bren's blanket. I haven't told you this but whenever I'm visiting you guys I secretly hope that I get that blanket because it is crazy warm and comfy and it simply exudes love. What a great post!

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