Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Sorry for the silence -- we have been pirating our wi-fi from a benevolent stranger for the past 4 years. Suddenly, our internet access disappeared! Where oh where was "belking"??! Funnily enough, our neighbours moved out the SAME weekend that our internet disappeared. Hmmm. Connection?

Soooo, I'm spending my days at various coffee shops that offer free wi-fi until our now legal, paid-for internet kicks in (hopefully tonight).

Sorry for being all quiet on the Western front.

More to come though!



Rosesq said...

Missing your lively chatter and latest news. Hurry up and get connected.



sarah said...

Your blog has inspired me to resurrect my love for blogging. Not yet, but soon.
Jeremiah also has some plans for one of his own. I think it's going to be a hoot.
Love Sarah
PS-I love that your mum and your mum-in law read your blog. So awesome.

Patte said...

Hello from the Smoky Mountains where we are without wi-fi too ...

Nice to be able to log in & read your updates when we are here in our little valley library.

How're your herbs growing? I have an awful time keeping herbs alive. Last bunch I bought (four big pots) all croaked. I did manage to grab a bunch of the dying tendrils & crush them all into a big jar with a screen on the top. They are the best dried herbs we've ever had.

Will & Rachel will be driving here to the mountains tomorrow, Lord willing. Please pray for them. They leave before dawn & ... Will drives too fast. I worry ... It's a mother thing.

Love to you & Bren ... need to talk to you about summer plans. Jed & Sarah would LOVE IT for you two to join us for a family mountain summer jubilee. Is that possible, do you think?

Hi Sarah! Looking forward to seeing your lovely cottage.

Rosesq said...

Any one for Basil? My little planter box, in the balcony outside Crish's room is over flowing with basil and fenugreek plants.


aartilla the fun said...

nearly there!!

mandi said...

hello? anybody there? get some internet up in this piece!

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