Monday, June 2, 2008


Bren booked a national Burger King commercial! YIPPEEEE!! This is such good news. Hopefully, you'll be seeing Bren's hairy mug on a TV near you very soon. Everything happened so fast; he found out he was booked yesterday and then, he woke at 4a today, and went down to the beach and shot the thing! Now, it's nearly 1p and he's on his way back home. Not a bad day, huh?

We are so happy!

In other news, I got a hair cut.

Oh! And I can't believe that I didn't tell you all about the new patio structure Bren built for us. First the back story: a number of you may have been on our patio in the past. It was fine, a little grungy, a little beaten down by the heat but overall, a pretty cool place to relax, chat, sip a cool drink, and get a tan. But I had big plans for it. I have been longing to change it into a Moroccan hideaway, complete with a shade structure, but I didn't know how. Bren and I talked about it a lot but never really did anything about it. Patte found us an umbrella, which was great, but then it snapped (the wind out here is pretty strong!) so that was the end of that.

Ah but that Bren is smart and sneaky. While I was away for my girls' weekend, he got together with our good good friend Zandy, who designed this amazing shade structure for our patio, built of a big sheet of muslin and some PVC pipe and some pots filled with concrete. Oh and a few sand bags. Taa-daa! Bren surprised me with it on the night I returned and I am so in love with it! I wish I had some "before" photos to give you a sense of how much it has changed it, but you'll have just have to use your imagination.

Bren found this Carrom board in an alley. It's in perfect condition! We used to play this game when we were kids, when we visited our cousins in Bombay. I haven't seen one since I was 7 or something! So cool! So now I have to remember the rules again, 'cos that game is bad-ass! Anyway, we made it into a small table. Doesn't it look awesome?

The PVC pipes are buried in cement, in big terracotta pots. Bren wisely only filled the pots up halfway, so we could repot the succies in them! Look how cool it looks!

The tomatoes are growing alright; I repotted two of them yesterday, and gave them a good watering to avoid "transplant shock". I read about that online and I was scared to do that because, just like in life, I have a problem with OVERFEEDING!!! My babies are looking alright, a few yellow leaves. But I have faith!

Bren also made little markers out of the corks from the Terrible beer he drinks -- he's been saving those corks for such a long time (much to my chagrin), and finally! A use for them! This one is for the Ox Heart tomatoes:




bodaat said...

I love it!! It looks superb! I love the succulents in the pots.

Rosesq said...

Do you remember all the succulents we used to have at home in Dubai? Also do you remember how we used to bring plants from Aunty Ruth and Angela every year? When I saw those plants, it brought back so many memories.


aartilla the fun said...

yes i totally remember. i think that's probably where i get my obsession from!

Rosesq said...

All you need is some Arabic style mattresses, a rug, some bolsters and some brass lamps to make authentically Moroccan.

Good Luck


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