Monday, May 19, 2008

Genuine Jo(o)y

Only a woman you've known since you were little can bring you a pressie certain to elicit genuine joy out of you.

Upon arriving at Mandi's apartment at the beginning of our girls weekend last week, Eli brought Joo a Chick Fil-A sandwich all the way from the Atlanta airport. For those of you who don't understand the import of this, let me drop some knowledge on yo' ass:

1) Chick Fil-A's chicken sandwich is the best chicken sandwich on God's green Earth.
2) Chick Fil-A does not have a store in New York City (where Joo lives)

Cue uncontrolled happiness the likes of which I can only imagine Joo felt when she was a kid at Christmas.

Check it out:

I'm not moving the camera in this one. Joo's literally jumping up and down for joy.

The calm before the storm. A few seconds later, this sandwich disappeared.

Hahahahahahaaaa! Isn't food wonderful? And aren't my friends wonderful?



joolee said...

hahaha it's the little things...

elizabeth said...

it's the fried...

Kir said...

Just so you know...there is a chik-fil-a in New York. It's on NYU's campus in the Weinstein dining hall. I frequented it all the time and agree that the chicken anything from there is the best in the land.

bodaat said...

I'll have to try Chik-fil-a. I've never had it before even though they are pretty popular in AZ.

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