Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Father's Office Reunion

In true Andy fashion, he didn't just want to read about the burger at FO, he had to taste it for himself. So he flew to LA just to sample the much-praised patty.

Well, no, not exactly. But I'd like to remember it that way.

Bren had Andy's virgin experience planned to the 't'. We would leave the house no later than 1145a (FO2 opens at noon on the weekend), walk to the sacred grounds, and then wait in line, secure a booth and... aaaahhhh, relax. (Andy and I of course ended up dawdling a bit, so Bren actually went ahead of us, so as to grab an early spot in the line that always forms before opening). I know. We're crazy.

Our friends Talika and Joanna joined us, as did our friends Mikael and Sally. It all made for a relaxing, slightly buzzed afternoon of meat, beer and walking in the sunshine.

Take a look!

Andy tasting the local Craftsmen brew started with Cabernet grapes... the last of the batch apparently! I didn't like it very much though, I must be honest. And I'm not sure what Andy thought of it...

Andy and Mikael talking about the good ol' days... or maybe the lastest musical gadget. I'm not sure -- seems to create the same misty-eyed face. :)

My lovely gin martini.

Talika and Joanna

Joanna talking about something quite serious... whilst pulling her ear off.

Of course I forgot to take a photo of the infamous burger. Curses! Here's another photo of Andy to distract you.

Sally made sure we were well-hydrated for the walk home.

Bren looking tough.

Hanging at the house...

And on the porch!



shinfain said...

i am a) deeply in love with fathers office b) convinced i need to go there less cause it's not necessarily cheap. but boy, i had fun with my friends, at least...

elizabeth said...

mikael, and sally, and andy, and you, and bren?! together?! i'm so very jealous.

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