Monday, May 19, 2008

Girls Weekend

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to be able to go to Chicago for our annual girls trip. Eli, Joo and I descended on Mandi's apartment for a long weekend of classic girl silliness and womanly-serious heart-to-hearts. Here's some of my fav photos of the trip!

What a great way to mark our 30th year together! (well except for mandi, but you'll catch up kid).

During our last girl's trip two years ago, Eli was preggers with sweet little Carter, who we joked was invading our girl trip with his Y chromosomes. Yet again this year, a boy infiltrated our midst, to my surprising joy. Mandi's (as yet not named for sure) kitten!

I am so lucky to have such deep, true friends. Thankyou girls for the best girls weekend I've ever had. (Seriously).


p.s. I just realised that another boy graced us with his testosterone-laden presence: Mandi's man, Ross (pictured above). Ross, you were a joy to have around. Thanks Ross!

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Andrew said...

Ross Martens and Mandi! Nice!!

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