Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Stef's Wedding

I realised that I hadn't posted photos yet from Stef's wedding. So without further ado...

Stef foster and I have a special connection. Not only did we live in the same dorm in college, and then in the same room at our apartment in Evanston; we also share the same birthday (alongside such luminaries as “Bubba” Clinton and Lil’ Romeo). So there was no way that I was missing her wedding.

Stef married her beau, Danny, a sweet, generous and goofy man who is a mean swing dancer. They wed at a converted barn in Gray’s Lake, just outside of Chicago (out by Gurnee for those of you who remember trekking to the outlet mall).

Thanks Andy for this picture! Stef was bridely beautiful, in a simple white dress, and a gorgeous, chunky necklace she got in Ghana, made from an array of beautiful raw stones. She also, of course, wore a damn fine pair of cowboy boots under her gown. Yee-haw!

I started bawling once Danny started reading his vows, which he had written not so many nights before. In fact, it was such a touching affair that Stef, Danny, the officiant, her “maid of AWESOME!” Sarah and even Stef’s mum all seemed to share the same piece of tissue to wipe away their tears. Sarah and the best man sang a tender acoustic version of “Such Great Heights” by the Postal Service.

Stef and her dad built these simple, rustic, elegant center pieces for each table – so beautiful. Someone told me she had sliced her hand open making them!

We had a ton of fun, especially since we attended the wedding with Andy and his girlfriend, Lacey (who is our LA friend Joanna’s sister… it’s so weird to think that he would never have met her unless we knew Joanna, whose family has a tradition of attending the Austin City Limits festival every year, which is where Andy and Lacey met. Ah the incestuous webs we weave!!).

Andy looked fiiiiiiine in his pin-striped suit. This is by far my most favorite photo of the night. Note the smoke coming out of his teeth and the plate o' cake.



elizabeth said...

Sounds like a great wedding!

Nice pinstripes, Andy.

Stefani Foster said...

Awesome, awesome! Great pics! They're actually some of the first I've seen from the wedding, and I'm hungry for more!!! :)

Andy said...


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