Friday, October 19, 2007

Coming Soon!

Sorry y'all... I have been running around doing stuff since we got back from Chicago, and there's so many photos I want to post! I will post it as soon as possible. Bren is in an improv show tonight at the Hothouse, so if you're around, come on down! It's at 8p.



sarah said...

How was the show? Did B tear it up?
I'm sure he did. He's bucket of laughs.

keven said...

I am so lame. I was totally going until I smoked, and forgot. NEXT TIME I AM THERE..I might need a reminder call though :)

Patte said...

So, Keven, I guess you could say that your plans went up in smoke?

Speaking of smoke ... we are worried about you & Bren with the fires. Are you okay? If you have to evacuate, come here! We'll take care of you.

x o x o

sarah said...

Clevah. Patte, you're hilarious.
About them fires, how are you guys holdin' up? Are you putting all that "fire safety training" to good use? I hope not, stay away from them...the fires and safety training sessions. I trust neither.

aartilla the fun said...

keven -- you totally have to go next week (friday nov 2). the first one was off... the... hook. so so good.

patte -- we're good thankyou! i love it when you take care of us, especially when it involves french toast made from that texas toast. or corn pancakes. yummmmmmmmm.

sarah -- i can't believe that you remember fire training! i didn't have to use it this time thank goodness although i did get a bunch of bright yellow fire gear. scary.


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