Monday, October 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Mandi!

Dear sweet Mandi,

Happy Birthday! You are no longer two years younger than me. Welcome to your 28th year! I am so grateful that you were put on this earth, and that you are one of my best friends ever. Here are 5 things that I love about you:

1) That you are a huggy-buggy
2) That even though you act tough sometimes, you are a goofy mushy-mush underneath
3) That even though you were tipsy, you biked all the way from your house to see me at the pizza place
4) That you gave me free tickets to your gun show :)
5) That you always tell people how you feel, even if that person has hurt your feelings (I'm sorry.)
6) That you do things like call me up just to say I'm hot. (No, YOU'RE HOT!)
7) That you do funny jigs so that I'll look at your black and white stripey socks when I get up to go to the bathroom (see exhibit B)

8) That even though you are far away, whenever we talk or see each other, you make it so it's as if no distance or time has passed at all.

I know, that's eight things, but that is the wonder of Mandi -- once you start counting the ways you love her, you'll have a hard time stopping.

Happy Birthday!! I hope you had a great day! (Sorry it's a day late; Blogger was acting up yesterday).



sarah said...

Happy Birthday to Mandi. I hands down love Libras.
I do check back and read your comments. I don't think I've missed one yet. I can be so longwinded.

Saw the film today. I've never been to the country, so I can't say anything about the exploitation, although I completely get your point about it and think it's valid.
It's not the best film in the world, but the soundtrack is good and it has great props, scenery, and some really good lines. It didn't pull my heart strings like the RT's or Rushmore...or even BottleRocket for that matter.
It did make me want to travel, travel to India, and reinforced my desire to live in a trailer for awhile, which is peculiar because there isn't a single trailer in the film. Maybe just the idea of living in a quirky small space like a train cabin is what is spurning me on. I'm going to do it. I would decorate and paint it so cool and it would be my own personal mobile home, quite literally.

Andy said...

Is there anyone more awesome than Mandi? I mean, this week anyway? I had the pleasure of being part of her continuing birthday celebration at Neo last night. Cooler place than I thought it would be. Good times, painful morning. Thanks for that Mando.

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