Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Four years of college and this is all I can come up with to describe how I feel. I am not feeling blue anymore thank goodness (and thanks to you all who sent me words of encouragement!). Now, I just feel big and lumbering, and I've had a headache for two days which just won't go away despite how much caffiene I drink or how many aspirin I've popped. So I am just dealing with it -- after all, this is clearly not a big deal. But it is annoying!

Over the weekend, Bren and I went to the wedding of one of our friends, Shelly. It was a thoroughly modern affair, with both the ceremony and the reception held at an art gallery. The ceremony proceeded as follows: The bridge and groom entered the room. The officiant asked the bride if she took the groom as her lawfully-wedding husband. She said yes. The officiant asked the groom if he took the bride as his lawfully-wedded wife. He said he did. And then they were declared husband and wife. I think the whole ceremony took less time than it took for me to type it out! haaha! Anyway, after that we mingled with the guests, meeting some very cool people. Oh and did I mention the bride wore a bright green halter-neck dress? And her bouquet was moulded into a cuff that she wore on her arm super-hero style? She looked feeeeeirce!

Bren and I looked pretty good ourselves. Here's a good photo of Bren trying to squeeze into a crate he found, like the man-doll that he is. :)

And here's one of him looking sweet and lovely. Of course, we didn't think to take a photo of me of course. Sigh. And I looked good!!!

Well that's all. I'll try to be more inspired tomorrow. I've been reading even more Congo stuff. Oh before I go, gotta mention Jimmy Carter standing up to the soldiers in Darfur -- go peanut farmer go!!


sarah said...

I hope that if and when I get married that someone describes me (in a british accent) as looking "feeeeeierce". i think that wedding's are important, but the most important aspect of the ceremony/reception design is that it should reflect the two people involved.
it seems that in this day in age we've gotten so consumed with turning the wedding into a major affair or statement, and have disregarded the most important aspect of the day, the marriage.

good clothes, good food, good music, good friends would be sufficient for me.

i once went to a 15 minute outdoor wedding in 100 degree weather. the groom was the most emasculated display of a man I have ever seen. he read a poem. it was about clouds , butterflies, and the women he would be answering to for the next 40 yrs of his life.

the bride and the groom had met out at a bar one night with 3 other friends of theirs. they were all making out together, switching partners and such and some of the different couples of the evening started dating, then broke up and apparently this one arose from one of the breakups. i only know this because all those other people who the bride and groom had made out with on the first night they met, THEY WERE AT THE WEDDING TOO.

i almost passed out from the heat, and one of my dates friends grabbed my leg in an inappropriate manner. that was strange day.
i wonder if those two people are still together.

aartilla the fun said...

hahahaaaaa! i agree with you on the over-ornate'ness of things at weddings these days, and yes what matters is what the bride and groom are comfortable with.

this couple didn't want a lot of pomp and circumstance.

i, however, love the old-fashioned wedding vows. there is something to be said for marking an occasion as important and remarkable as getting married, with a ceremony that signifies the weight of it all! and i am an old romantic (and attention-fiend!!) so the idea of saying the same vows my parents said, and their parents might have said and people have said for years and years... it's enough to make me swoon right now!

inappropriate leg-grabbing is the WORST. :)


p.s. i'll call you fierce even before you get married. you FIIEEEEEERCE thing!

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