Friday, October 26, 2007

Respite for a Day

Got home yesterday evening. Realised that I had been up essentially since 11pm the night before! Dog tired. Can't imagine how people working along the firelines are feeling. Going back tomorrow, although not to San Diego -- going to the Santiago Fire near Irvine, CA (in Orange County for those of you familiar) where the arson investigation is big news. Thought I'd post a few photos I took from this trip.

Took this one at 2a when our liveshots started. This is in Rancho Bernardo where a LOT of homes were ruined. You can see the big particles of dust and ash in the air.

Once the sun came up, we could see the destruction clearly. The sky was grey because there was so much smoke in the air...

And the ground was charred.

Me in the satellite truck. Note the tired look!

The next day, we were at a local highschool which is serving as a shelter for evacuees of the Harris Fire. A lot of these people live in more modest homes, or in trailers... so losing their homes is much more devastating than other families who can afford to rebuild their lives. In this photo, Kara (the reporter I was working with, who is awesome) was about to interview Tony Clark, an evacuee who lived in his home with his 4-month pregnant wife Brandy, his 16-month old daughter, Ivy and his mother who is quite sick. He and his wife told me they were reformed drug addicts, and their house symbolized their effort to get their lives back on track. He was pretty upbeat when we met him, very sweet. The next day, he looked forlorn -- he had found out that he had lost his house.

The sun was reddish-pink, glaring through the smoky haze.

I'll take more photos when I'm out at the Santiago Fire. Thankyou so much for all the thoughtful comments!



elizabeth said...

Your haircut continues to look terrific. Even in the midst of a sleepless night.

aartilla the fun said...

thankyou!! i've been thinking it looked fluffy and awful. but thankyou!

sarah said...

I echo elizabeth's comment.
the hair looks great. a positive point amidst a not so positive experience.

keven said...

Keep up the good work. Those people need their stories told. oh and your hair looks awesome. i did not want to be the only commenter with out a hair compliment.

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