Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What are YOU eating?

The other day, whilst wasting yet another hour (and who knows how many braincells) on Facebook, I wrote this as my status: "Aarti can't decide what to eat. What are you eating?".

(N.B. for those of you who are unfamiliar with the cyber-crack that is Facebook, you can input your status anytime you want, as if to broadcast what you're doing for the thousands of hungry eyes that really and truly do care. I'm not kidding. They really do care. It's weird but true. I love knowing what people are up to RIGHT NOW.)

Imagine my surprise! I got a flood of responses -- the most I've ever received on my status!

"Jelly." (Jello to the US folks)



"A roast beef sandwich with onions, lettuce, mayo and a touch of oil & vinegar."

"Soy chocolate ice cream mixed with organic almond milk and roasted almonds. Divine!"

"A chupa chup lillipop - coco vanilla flavor...and some beer! mmm!"

"Vegimite on toast...it's breakfast time here. But I'm also in the process of making a beef rendang."

I just loved hearing what everyone was eating! And moreover, I loved the fact that so many people were eating at 3 in the afternoon. Maybe my oddly-timed hunger pangs are not so strange after all -- Bren always makes fun of me because I'm always hungry... even if I've only eaten an hour ago. In fact, I'm hungry right now. Hmmm. I know exactly what I'm going to have too. Plain yoghurt (gotta get those digestive enzymes in somewhere!). Maybe with some honey and some toasted sliced almonds. That is my favorite snack.

It all begs the question: what are you eating? Or, what are you having for dinner? I can't wait to hear all your responses!

And don't forget, the next Aarti Cooks installment drops tomorrow. And this one is good my friends. Very, VERY good.

Write soon!




elizabeth said...

right now - cinnamon waffles

bodaat said...

I'm about to eat left over pasta. YUM.

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