Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hip Hip... Hooray!

I heard about a study the other day that confirmed what I had always imagined -- curvy women are not only sexier, but smarter.

The study actually focused on something slightly different: they tested whether the old adage about eating fish making you smart is true. Not only did they find that it is, but that it's particularly so in women. And even more particularly so in women with big hips.

Turns out that your brain consists of saturated fat. And your body tends to store all that lovely brain-boosting fat, the omega-3 fatty acids on your hips. Ipso facto, the curvier your hips, the smarter your brain.

See? I knew there was a correlation.



Rosesq said...

Hey Aaru,

Dad read your recent blog entry and has asked me to tell you that he still remembers all the faces you girls madeevery Friday morning, when he brought home the ever so fresh fish from the Arabian Gulf waters. He wants you to know, that as usual he is always right:)

Your post brought back memories of those lovely prawns we used to have and the stuffed & baked pomfret, the hamour/grouper curry with green mangoes etc. etc..

Mum and Dad

keven said...

okay that is great now shush and shake your booty. wow that is so bad i need to apologize right now.. but in all honestly i still laughed at my sexist joke. maybe i should go to sensitivity training. now shake it for me... well i haven't gone yet.

Patte said...

I think you meant to say Hipso Facto didn't you?

; )

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