Monday, October 20, 2008

Playing Dress Up

I have never been a fan of Halloween. Getting dressed up seemed like a trial, a test of my ability to be creative, an ability I thought I lacked. I also struggled with the tired notion that being a girl on Halloween means having to choose between Skanky Witch Costume #1 or Frisky Tavern Wench Costume #5...

Burning Man unlocked that part of my brain. There was no mandate to wear a costume at BM, just a suggestion that you wear whatever you think makes you look like the fabulous warrior that you are inside. Hence, my warrior look included knee-high polka dot socks, a big block poofy petticoat skirt, a bellydance scarf, and the piece de resistance, a big yellow feather perched on my head. You can sort of see it here (apologies for the boobage!).

It was great practice for this weekend. Our friend Todd (one of Bren's improv teachers at the Hothouse) celebrated his birthday by requesting his guests show up dressed as a resident of Neverland. Donning a perfect pair of pointy ears, Todd dressed as the chairman of Neverland, Peter Pan.

I went, ironically enough, as an Indian, whilst Bren went as a Lost Boy. And for the first time, outside of Burning Man, I really enjoyed dressing up! Plus, it makes for fabulous photos. Check 'em out.

And finally, playing dress up inevitably leads to... swashbuckling!



keven said...

i love it you dressed up as "poke me hotness." say it enough times and you will get my lame joke.

bodaat said...

I love your dress-up - you look so adorable! I really want to be Bjork in the swan dress this Halloween but we have nowhere to go. Wahhhhhhhhhh..........

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