Tuesday, September 23, 2008

'Til Death...

Last week, Bren and I painted a piece of pottery to celebrate and mark our 5-year anniversary.

We went to the "Color Me Mine" in Ladera Heights. If you are thinking about going to a Color Me Mine, we highly recommend that one over the Santa Monica location. This one is much cleaner, better-stocked and most important, friendlier. They even gave us a discount on the studio fee when they found out if was our anniversary!

We painted a small vase, knowing that we don't have room for anything grander at the moment. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

By now, 12 years later, it's rare to see Bren make a face I haven't seen before. But that day, he surprised me with a wicked good one!! Imagine him nodding whilst making this face. It was side-achingly funny.

A minute later, he was focused on painting his side of the vase.

We decided that each side of the vase should depict a chapter of our lives together, both fantasy and real. Here's birth (I did this one):

Then meeting in college (the lyrics are from a Tori Amos song Bren may have been playing in his room freshman year, luring me into his room in the first place).

This one is my favorite; Bren painted it, FREEHAND! It's us getting married.

And then, the final one, which Bren, whose humour brings a whole new meaning to "sickly sweet", came up with: Death.

Yes, those are our hands clasping each other from the sides of our caskets. That's... sweet. Right?



elizabeth said...

look how CUTE you two are!

rustyboy said...

This is the greatest, most fantastical, purely perfect anniversary gift OF ALL TIMES!!!! I hereby declare it.

I've never seen that face either. He must be refreshing his repertoire.

Sasafras said...

very cute.
what a genius idea.
you two are sickeningly talented...but in a good way. the kind of sick that allows one to stay home from work, drink tea, and watch old movies while all the other suckas gon to work.
that shirt looks better on bren than it did hanging in jed's closet.
glad it has returned to its rightful owner.

aartilla the fun said...

hahahaa, bren LOVES that shirt and wears it all the time.

thanks guys!

Patte said...

That photo of the two of you is sooooo great. I want it framed!

Stefani Foster said...

All great. GREAT! And that last photo made Danny and I both go, "Wow!" You guys look so great, especially together :)

bodaat said...

You two both look so GOOD LOOKING!! (insert wolf whistle)

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