Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Big Reveal

Did you figure out what that was? I think Sarah probably knows.


This, my friends, is the result of "absorption drills", the fancy name Krav Maga gives to what I would call getting the s*it kicked out of you. You are meant to stand still whilst someone kicks you over and over and over again in the same spot. The "exercise" is intended to build up tolerance and the aftermath shows up particularly well on Bren's lily white skin.

Still, it does make you seem pretty bad-ass, doesn't it?



Sasafras said...

Jesum Crow! That's rough. Yikes!

keven said...

a true man

aartilla the fun said...

ha! where are you keven? are you still at ripe???

bodaat said...

Urgh!!!! I don't get it!! Urgh!!

keven said...

yeah i am still at ripe. I am over hauling the ol resume again this weekend. I have to send oone to Zandy. I am also putting together a restaurant resume and might try to manage at CABO. Who knows???? I miss you!!!!

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