Thursday, September 18, 2008

Oh and... Surprise!

I failed to mention one of the biggest things to happen at Burning Man, which you probably guessed from the previous photo.

Bren cut his hair and beard off!

Bren had planned it before we got there. The uncertainty of not seeing his actual face in 5 years was getting to him. Besides, since he was losing so much weight, he wanted to see whether his dimples had gotten any sweeter. (Well, maybe that wasn't his desire, as much as mine :)

One of our camp members, Lisa, was responsible for the fabulous hair cuts. She is astonishingly good at it.

So this is Bren at the beginning of Burning Man, sporting the standard of the past few years, the "mountain man".

He did it gradually, first shaving off chunks of his beard, into a goatee:

Then, my favorite, the "civil war" coiffure:

Then long hair and no beard at all. This one is kinda creepy to me, I don't know why:

Then... gasp! All gone! I haven't seen this face since BEFORE we got married!

I should also mention that Bren lost, wait for it... 16 POUNDS over the past few weeks. He annoyingly looks about 10 years younger, making me feel like his older, fatter mistress... "Come 'ere sonny, let me kiss those baby soft cheeks..."



Stefani Foster said...

I don't know how he'll take this, but he totally looks like his Dad circa 1997 (minus the glasses) in that last photo. Love the look, though!

elizabeth said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the "civil war" coiffure. hair, facial hair, all of it.

aartilla the fun said...

hahaha, funnily enough stef, the first thing he said once he had shaved all the hair off was, "Shit, i look a lot like my dad." ha!

and yes eli, i LOVE that look too. it's my favorite, and hopefully, it'll return soon!


rustyboy said...

Shorn-Bren looks to be roughly the same age as when I first met him.

17 years old.

Patte said...

Wow, does Bren look like his dad or WHAT? That one where he is looking up looks like Dan!

I really like the civil war coiffure.

Can't wait to see the new do up close & personal for Jemma's wedding. FUN, FUN, FUN!

Nasrin said...

i'm so glad you got pictures of each's cool to look back on it all...civil war is my fave too :)

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