Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Who's that Guy?

Yippee! Due to popular demand, I present to you, Bren's Burger King commercial!

Thanks to Bren for finding it. And for rocking it.



mandi said...

sweet! This commercial is totally classic. Thanks, aarti for posting it. I spent 2 hours flipping channels last night watching ONLY COMMERCIALS! before I gave up and fell asleep watching CSI. And thanks, brendan, for being so freakin' awesome! Good work! love you both!!

bodaat said...

I linked your blog to mine so that my friends can see it too! Thanks for uploading it! It's so cool wierd to see Bren in an ad!

Sasafras said...

this is so stinkin' cool. i copied the ad to my blog.
very funny.

Hollywood Phony said...

Hey, I'm the beachcomber guy and I'm the one who put it up on YouTube. It was fun working with you and I'm glad the commercial came out so good and everybody likes it.

Rosesq said...

We felt so proud to see you on TV Bren. Well done. God Bless.

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