Tuesday, June 17, 2008


It went pretty well! The ladies were a little concerned at the vegetarian nature of the meal, especially since a number of them don't like vegetables, but we mustered through. I think that next time I need to make more food because I forgot that they're all eating for two, and vegetables don't fill you up. One of them asked whether we could do this again, but with meat, and I think that might work, especially if I throw together some tandoori chicken. Anyway, thankyou so much for all your kind words and prayers and thoughts. I was a little sad at the end, but not wholly... it's not about me anyway, right?

In other interesting news, I was scanning the BBC's front page, and my eyes quickly landed on this headline: "Why Indian Children Do So Well in Indian Spelling Contests".

I of course think it's because Indians are the smartest people on earth, academically at least. But the article spells out (heehee) some other reasons. Did you know that this year, Indians occupied not only the first and second positions at the Spelling Bee, but also the third and fourth?! Crazy huh? Take a look!


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Patte said...

I'll bet that the women will be willing to experiment with spices to create more variety the next time they cook. Chicken is a wonderful addition to the menu.

Your service to these moms is a precious way to show them that you care. God sees how are willing to give yourself away. Take joy in loving your neighbor as you yourself would like to be loved.

Hugs, Patte

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