Thursday, November 29, 2007

To Boba... or not to Boba

Hello everyone! Sorry about the silence on this end. How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was a blast; Talika's family is wonderfully warm and welcoming. It was great to meet all the various members of her family and figure out where she got her eyes and her cheeks and her smile! I love meeting people's parents, for that reason. I love trying to figure out which genes won out in the in vitro DNA battle.

We had a whirlwind week! Jed and Will were very gracious with their batty sister-in-law. We had boba tea practically every day; for those of you who have yet to be submitted to the McSequeira obsession, boba tea, also known as "bubble tea", is an iced milky tea with big black tapioca pearls at the bottom. The drinks come with an extra large straw so that you can suck them up and chew them. It's a party in your mouth!

You can pretty much separate the human race into two: those who enjoy the boba experience, and those who don't. And I get it -- the texture can be off-putting, if you don't enjoy slightly slimy, chewy balls (aka you're a weirdo). We LOVE it. And of course, in true McSequeira style, we are insanely picky about it. We ONLY get boba from one place: Volcano Tea on Sawtelle (off Olympic). Go ahead, roll your eyes. I know you're doing it!! We've been going to Volcano for at least 6 years!!! There's probably good boba in Monterey Park, which is a predominantly Asian neighborhood here... but it's too far away. And no other place does it like Volcano does. Even when I lived in New York, Mikael, Sally and I would go in search of good boba in Chinatown, only to be sorely disappointed.

Luckily, Will and Jed are similarly obsessed with boba, so whenever they're here, we go everyday. In fact, Jed usually gets two when we go. I confess that Bren and I haven't gotten boba in a while, because I worked out that each drink is worth *6* points!! AGH! That's like two small orders of french fries at McDonalds! So it was nice to indulge for once.

We also went to Michael's wedding, which was beautiful. I don't have any photos sadly, because Bren had the camera, which had run out of batteries by the time he got to the wedding. But we had a good time.

Well that's all for today. I'll try to think of something else interesting to post soon. In the meantime, I am so excited! The documentary airs ONE WEEK FROM TODAY!!!



Andy said...
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Andy said...

OMG, I want me some Boba...

Patte said...

We wish we had boba here ...

Orlando is so backwards.

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