Saturday, December 1, 2007


At first, I confess, I dismissed the murder of Washington Redskins star Sean Taylor, as yet another black athlete who involved himself in something dangerous without thinking.

But, as I read more about this man, I read that he was trying to get back on track, to extricate himself from a life that offered nothing but trouble, to be a upstanding, moral example to his new daughter. Sean Taylor was trying to do everything right, and things STILL didn't work out for him or his family. I am so puzzled and somewhat discouraged by this because I have always believed that if I did the right thing whenever I could, took the correct path even if it was the path least taken, that I would be protected in some way from disaster. I mean, I know that is a simple way of putting things, but once you start getting any more complex than that, then I'm lost! When Will and Jed were here, Will was talking about how a theologian of some sort had analyzed all the disasters and milestones in our history, and decided that if God was a human, He would be a psychopath! He wasn't being blasphemous I don't think -- rather it's an attempt to show the vast chasm between our logic... and God's logic. I can't say that His logic is always appears kind, at least not in the short-term. But I suppose that is the test of faith, that in the long-term (and I'm talking eternal long-term), there is a rhyme and reason to everything, even the most heartbreaking and gut-wrenching tragedy.

So what got me thinking about this, you ask? The Washington Post's Michael Wilbon's column about this. If you're anything like me, with whatever latent prejudice I may have, this column might just tweak your thinking a bit.


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