Friday, November 9, 2007

My Favorite Things: Balsamic Vinegar Glaze

This is actually Kuv's idea. When she came to visit, she was intrigued by the thing I'm going to write about, and was so taken by it that she said, "Aarth, you should write about all these cool things you find at the supermarket!".

So here we go. Thanks Kuv! I love this idea. Makes me seem so smart. :)

It might be a bit tricky to find, but I think it's worth it: balsamic vinegar glaze.

I too was crazy for balsamic vinegar when the entire country seemed to be dousing everything from caprese sandwiches to ice-cream in it. But eventually, I realised... I don't really like it. It took Patte voicing her distaste for it -- and suddenly, I thought, hey me too! Or at least, I'm (typically) snobby about it. Give me a little of that aged-for-25-years stuff, and I'm ecstatic. But that really watery, acetic kind? BLECH!

So here is a great compromise for me. It has the syrupy texture and sweetness of the aged kind, without the $30 (or more!) price tag. I found it at Whole Foods, although Trader Joes used to carry their version (since discontinued sadly). You can probably make your own reduction, by boiling down a bottle of the regular stuff, but I tried that once and almost fainted from the vinegary fumes.

It's incredibly versatile. I drizzle a bit over salads which I've dressed with some lemon juice. You don't even need the olive oil. I've put it over rotisserie chicken that I bought at the store, to jazz it up a bit. Or yes, over ice-cream. It's so yummy, especially with some fruit. Plus, it comes in a SQUEEZY BOTTLE so you can write messages or make snooty modern-art type of designs all over your food. What's better than that?


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