Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Spread the Word

The documentary I co-produced "Sand and Sorrow", about the Darfur crisis, airs Thursday Dec 6th at 8p on HBO-- that's two weeks from this Thanksgiving. Please spread the word! Tell everyone you know! I would at least like people to TALK about it even if they don't watch it.

Also, if you want, check out this site. This group is working in conjunction with HBO to create house parties where folks gather, watch the doc and then talk about it. There's also a chance to chat live with a couple of the main characters in the film, over the internet.

I have a PDF of the actual movie poster, but I cannot convert it to a JPEG for some reason (which I have to do in order to post it up here on the Internet). If any of you can help me out with that one, let me know. I'd love for y'all to see it.

It is a bittersweet week in the Mc-Sequeira household. Bren's sweet sweet brother Jed is here for his annual Thanksgiving jousting match. Bren's other sweet sweet brother Will is on his way, so that the three of them can have a fraternal reunion; in past years, that has happened over the Christmas holiday but since we are going to India this year... they're doing it now. Also, at the end of this week, Michael (Bren's dad) is getting married. It's a FULL WEEK!

Sadly (or happily kinda), Bren booked a commercial that is shooting in Prague (YIPPEE!). Unfortunately, and this is the bitter part, they need him to leave today and return on Saturday. So that means he'll miss 90% of his brothers' visit and part, if not all, of his dad's wedding. He and I were both unbelievably bummed about it but you can't say no to this kinda opportunity. Thankfully, Talika offered her family up as a surrogate to us, so we'll be stuffing ourselves with the Jamaican-Persian contigent this year. Whee!

I'll post whatever photos Bren gets in Prague -- pray that he gets back safely and that he nails it! I also have a bunch of stellar ugly pics that Andy sent. I'll be posting those too so stay tuned. Until then, have a peaceful and loving Thanksgiving no matter what you are doing, and know that somewhere on the West Coast, there's someone with short curly black hair and a sometimes-doublechin who is very very thankful for you in her life.



Stefani Foster said...

Wow! What goings-on! Super congratulations on your film. I can not wait to see it. Also, high-five to Brendan for the Prague gig! So sorry to hear about the horrendous timing, though...

Much love to you both, and you and all of your past and present chins are well up on my list of things to give thanks for! Love you!

keven said...

I can convert that PDF for ya :)

sarah said...

Aarti, I'm really excited to see this.
I watched some of the clips on sandandsorrow.com or .org (can't remember) and all I can think about how important it is for the world to have this horrible truth come into their homes and startle them. Plus I just think it's so cool to go and research a documentary and read about you, one of the producers.
I love it.

aartilla the fun said...

thanks guys! your support makes me feel so so so so good!

keven -- what is your email address buddy?


Patte said...

We all want to know whatsort of buzz the film is getting ... so you've gotta give us an update.

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